Case Study from Stag and Hen Events

Supplier: Avensure Ltd

Client: Stag and Hen Manchester


Specialist Events Organisers ‘Stag and Hen’ Manchester have been using Avensure for all aspects of HR and Employment Law.  This Case Study provides a summary of the services delivered and how Stag and Hen have benefited by using Avensure’s services

About Stag and Hen Manchester:

Stag and Hen create tailored and bespoke experiences for clients who want to arrange Stag or Hen or a Sten event.  The company prides itself on its extensive knowledge and experience of Manchester and the area’s night life and event opportunities.  The company’s attention to detail and level of personal service is unique and clients are guaranteed an unforgettable event.

All a client needs to do is to pick the date and the star rating of the hotel, choose the activities they want to do by day or night, then Stag and Hen work it all out, confirm the cost, clients say yes and Stag and Hen arrange everything.

Why did Stag and Hen Manchester need HR or Employment Law Advice?

We had a sensitive HR issue and we didn’t know how to deal with it so we needed help.  We were very unsure where we ultimately stood as a company with regards to our Employment Law obligations.  We want to look after our staff, but we don’t want to do anything that could put the company at risk.

We needed help and support from HR experts able to give guidance and direction on our Legal / Employment issues.  We also needed the correct HR documentation and clear direction on the process we needed to follow.

How did Avensure help Stag and Hen Manchester address their HR issues?

We joined Avensure because they have the team and the expertise we need to help us deal with our HR and potential Employment Law problems.  They know the best way to deal with issues and ensure we know where we stand as a company, making sure we don’t put the company at risk.

Avensure helped us understand our situation and guided us through the formal processes. Avensure’s HR Advisors provided the bespoke documentation we required.

As an employer, Employment Law is often a mine field when considering what we can and cannot say and do in certain situations. We are very thankful for the reassurance and support Avensure offer at every step of the way.  Best of all with Avensure’s Indemnity insurance we have the peace of mind that if we follow the guidance of Avensure we are covered if we ever have to go to tribunal, and will always have the benefit of Barrister/Solicitor trained representation.

We have been guided on the Employment Law issues related to recruitment, wages, procedural and contractual substance, and the expertise Avensure offered in every respect was both legally and commercially focused and if we ever need help we can call Avensure’s legal help line any time day or night.

What services do Avensure provide Stag and Hen?

  • Bespoke HR Documentation: Contracts and Handbooks and guidance on implementation.
  • Immediate 24/7 advice on all ongoing HR and Employment Law issues.
  • Access to our own dedicated Employment Law Consultant, Rebecca Young who is invaluable.
  • Access to a team with a vast range of experience in Employment Law Contracts and HR.
  • Insurance to cover all legal and tribunal representation costs including all compensation  awards.
  • Barrister trained legal advisors.
  • Training to help us understand Employment Law and HR issues better.

What would you say to someone thinking of using Avensure’s services?

Avensure’s HR service has paid for itself already and it has been invaluable to our business. In the past when Employment problems arose they were very stressful and caused us to spend a lot of time and energy worrying about how we could handle them on our own.

Now Avensure are a part of ‘our Team’ they have massively eased the stress and ultimately the HR burden which is now theirs to look after.  This leaves us free to focus on running the business without worrying about the risk of running into trouble with HR or Employment Law issues.