Free 24/7 helpline (LBA)

For members of the Liverpool Business Association

0330 100 3113

Free advice for any employment law issue.

We strongly suggest you take advice on the following:

  • Terms and Conditions of Employment – The Employment Contract
  • TUPE
  • Dealing with Disciplinaries
  • Handling staff Grievances
  • Resignations
  • Dismissing an Employee for Misconduct
  • Deductions from Wages
  • Responding to an ET1 (Employment Tribunal)
  • Settlement agreements

You can also take advice on:

  • Maternity / Paternity Leave
  • Holiday Entitlement
  • Sick Pay and Holiday Pay
  • Dealing with Sickness and Absenteeism
  • Working Time Directive and Rest Breaks
  • National Minimum Wage
  • Problems with Social Media in and out of the workplace
  • Avoiding Discrimination in the workplace
  • Managing Redundancy
  • Auto Enrolment (Workplace pensions) - Get in touch

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