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Driving Avensure’s continued expansion is the consistency, efficiency and excellence we provide to all our clients. These high standards are made possible by following the 5 core values that we use to guide Avensure’s ways of working.

1. Unity
Every Avensure client is partnered with a highly skilled team comprising of a range of employment law experts: senior HR advisors, solicitor/barrister trained experts and Health & Safety specialists. Our experience has shown us that collaboration achieves the greatest results, and our specialist
teams devote themselves entirely to developing a strong and productive partnership with all our clients.

2. Expertise
Each Avensure team member brings with them a wealth of experience, blending exemplary academic qualifications with a proven track record of professional excellence and an unrivalled portfolio of happy clients. We understand that experience is a major asset when it comes to evaluating and advising on employment law and Health & Safety issues, and many of our employment law specialists have been actively working with clients for over 25 years.

3. Agility
We know how important it is for clients to get the right information, at the right time. The best businesses are responsive to changing circumstances as they happen, and that is why we make sure our specialist advisors are available around the clock, either by telephone or email, seven days a week.

4. Reliability
All our staff are client facing in their approach to work because we recognise that trust is built on delivering results through a range of services. We are passionate about resolving client’s problems and helping them achieve their business interests.

5. Innovation
At a minimum, all Avensure teams are dedicated to upholding the ethics and integrity intrinsic to employment law. Beyond this threshold, we constantly challenge ourselves to improve and innovate in everything we do, particularly in our efficiency and accomplishment when it comes to client satisfaction. Our colleagues are regularly establishing new ways to enhance client experiences and empower businesses to take that important step to the next level.

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