Businesses remain unsure about Fit for Work


It was revealed that nearly 30% of HR professionals don’t know about the Fit for Work initiative, despite its launch taking place in December 2014. Added to this lack of clarity is the 86% of HR professionals who knew about Fit for Work but didn’t feel that enough information had been shared with employers on how to make use of the initiative.

It is unsurprising, then, that employers are divided on whether Fit for Work is going to add benefit or be a complete waste of time. It is anticipated that two out of three employers intend to use Fit for Work, yet fewer than 25% of HR professional believe that it will help them meet their occupational health requirements.

The news is a blow to the government and initiators as it was hoped that Fit for Work would have a big impact in helping employers manage sickness absence in the workplace by providing the employer, employee and their GP with access to work-related health advice. The aim is absence prevention, as well as a lowering in the number of workers absent on long-term sick.

Yet only a staggeringly low 6% of businesses have confirmed that they intend to use the new initiative in full, with a further 42% saying that they will only use Fit for Work on a case-by-case basis, when required. Many complain that the initiative lacks flexibility and is difficult to integrate into their business with minimal disruption.

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