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Contractors can create an Employment Law minefield for employers, however business owners also have responsibilities under health and safety law when appointing contracted workers.

The employment of contractors who are considered suitable, experienced and can carry out the works safely to ensure the protection of all persons who their activities effect, is a key element of the responsible person during selection.

To ensure that everyone knows their roles and responsibilities in taking all necessary precautions and adhering to control measures required to reduce the risks, it is important the responsible person works with the contractors and good communication channels are established.

By identifying the risks that exist pre-contractor work and also that are introduced by their activities and by making sure that the works are separated from non-essential personnel where required, staff and all those potentially affected by the Contractors works should remain protected.

The responsible person should ensure that the contractor has identified and assessed the hazards and associated risks related to their work. It is important to check that control measures required to deal with any hazards and associated risks have been implemented in line with the risk assessments and method statements formulated prior to commencement of any work, and these measures are monitored and kept under review.

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