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About Guardian IB

Since its inception, Guardian IB has built its reputation on a combination of sound industry knowledge and good service. The company believes there is more to its role as an insurance broker than simply negotiating premiums.

The key to a good working relationship is an in-depth understanding of our client’s business and their needs. From the outset we invest time in understanding your business, the level of exposure to risk and the likely level of on-going support required from us. We will ensure we understand your exact operations, liabilities and financial performance and only then will we begin to source products that will provide the correct level of cover at the optimum price.

Because of the professionalism, we have developed strong links with the UK’s leading insurers. They recognise Guardian IB understand their client’s operations and provide an accurate assessment of the level of cover required. This diligence is rewarded with exclusive and competitive quotations, created specifically for our clients.

Peace of Mind

When you place your business with Guardian IB you are giving yourself peace of mind on three important issues.

We understand and care about your business.

We know the marketplace and where to get the most suitable cover.

We offer a cost-effective and pro-active service at all times.

In a changing world, one thing is guaranteed to remain constant – The Guardian IB dedication to your business needs.


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