Health and Safety: Fee For Intervention

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Are you prepared for when the Inspector visits?  Are your risk assessments done? Is your Policy signed and displayed? Are you monitoring your health and safety performance?  The average cost charged by the HSE where a material breach of the law was identified at one of their visits was £715 in April / May 2015.  These costs are uninsurable so they will come off your bottom line and affect your company profits.  19 companies in this period incurred costs in excess of £10,000!!

Avensure provides systems to guide and assist you in your management of health and safety, and our advice team are there to support you with more complex issues.  So when does the charging regime start, and how does HSE calculate the costs?

The key point is if the Inspector identifies a “material breach” of health and safety law.  This, in layman’s terms, is when the Inspector has to take action that involves putting pen to paper.  Verbal advice is therefore free, but any letter, improvement notice or prohibition notice will be charged currently at £124 per hour.  The cost calculated is not just the time spent with you, but also the administrative time spent back at the office preparing the letter, and any time taken in other investigative work.

Ensure that you have covered your bases. Check that you have made assessments of the significant risks in your workplace and the control measures you have in place suitably mitigate the risks to an acceptable level. Advice is available from the Avensure Health and Safety Team relating to any health and safety issues.

Avensure advises that you involve all your employees in the management of health and safety – make the culture in your company pro-safety.  Don’t give the government your hard earned profits when a little bit of pre-planning could prevent the money pit that FFI can become.