Interest grows in Shared Parental Leave

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills recently conducted a survey intended to gauge the perceptions of the new Shared Parental Leave law in advance of its availability to parents who give birth or adopt from the 5th April 2015.

The results were positive, showing a big uptake in interest among UK adults in the perceived benefits of shared parental leave. 50% of respondents believe that childcare should be shared equally between couples, with 53%  pointing out that shared childcare is not just an entitlement but a responsibility that should be divided equally between parents. The benefits of shared parental leave were judged to include:

  • The benefit for the child in forming closer bonds with both parents in its first year
  • It is a fairer process
  • Sharing parental leave will help women manage their career and reduce the possibility of deskilling during maternity leave. A shorter break from work should also mean that developments at their place of work – including job postings and new initiatives – should not go unmissed.

For a detailed explanation of Shared Parental leave, please click here and read the hr24 article, Shared Parental Leave.