Keeping recruitment costs down


A survey in 2014 by Oxford economics covering areas of Retail, Legal, Advertising & Media, Accountancy & IT sector identified expenditure of £4.16 billion pounds on recruitment (lost productivity, agency fees, etc). Yet if 1% could be saved, it would exceed 40 million pounds in these sectors alone.

I expect costs will only increase. Consequently I have often wondered why so many employers dismiss staff in their probation period and particularly with less than 3 months employment? Does it signify that the process of attracting and recruiting people has issues which can be improved upon?

As an employer you want to make sure that you recruit the right employee who has the skills to deliver for you both now and in the future, but how do you make sure you get the right person?

Things you need to consider:-

  • When you have a vacancy, look to see if you need to fill the post or can the work be distributed to other employees and generating savings?
  • If you do need to recruit, is the job description/person specification up to date? If not, amend and make it work for the business
  • Do you advertise internally or externally or both? You decide how you resource it based on the availability of experience and skills.
  • When considering advertising, think on how and where you will attract the best candidates.
  • Don’t interview everyone who applies. Identify key skills and how you will measure them, and select those which meet your criteria
  • Enjoy the interview. Try to create the environment where everyone can flourish and participate.

Once you have recruited and employed an individual make sure you

  • Set measurable goals for the individual
  • Provide training where needed
  • Communicate with them on an ongoing basis giving structured feedback

It takes time to settle into a new organisation; different roles take time to reach optimum performance. Don’t be hasty to dismiss the employee if things aren’t immediately perfect. Time, patience and support will help the employee achieve the objectives you seek for them in order to achieve and deliver the overall business goals.