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Do you want a fitter, leaner business? Staff who are healthy and engaged?

Did you know: regular exercise can have a direct impact on our success in business?

The fitter you are, the more engaged you will be in business, as research shows. Unsurprisingly fitness is in high regard among UK employers because of attributes demonstrated in achieving and maintaining high fitness levels, such as determination, commitment, hard work, endurance. All of which are behaviours we value in the world of business.

How can exercise benefit a business?

  • Regular exercise requires perseverance and commitment. Subsequently exercise and increased fitness empowers individuals and boosts their self-esteem when confronted with challenges at work.
  • Exercise can boost individual performance, increase intelligence and make us more productive.
  • Regular exercise improves an individual’s capacity for creative thinking because working out directly affects the levels of oxygenation and glucose in the frontal brain regions, which is responsible for problem solving and imagination
  • Resistance training, such as weight training, can help reduce stress and anxiety because it demands both physical effort and mental focus
  • Exercise boosts an individual’s energy and lowers fatigue

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