Employee engagement: news blackout kills employee productivity

working alone

The say no news is good news, yet 93% of employees say they would rather hear bad news than be left in the dark when it comes to employer communication.

Recent research indicates that UK employees are choosing to leave their jobs because of a lack of information coming from their employer about their organisation – including strategy, performance, problems etc.

  • 26% of workers have left their job because of a lack of business transparency
  • 90% of workers want their employer to share more business-related information with them
  • 79% of workers say they do not trust an employer who does not share company information
  • only 9% of workers claim to be aware of up-to-date company progress

It was reported that a lack of communication between employer and employee also fosters a culture of mistrust and suspicion, with employees second-guessing the actions and motives of their employers because they are fed up with being kept in the dark. This suspicion generates a vicious cycle, fuelled by gossip and assumption. At a time when employees are expected to be investing 100% productivity into their day-t-day work, they are instead investing their energy into trying to figure out what is going on and how secure they are in their current position.

The research recommends that. Instead of a closed network of bosses operating in an organization, the best management style for increasing employee engagement and buy-in is one that is clear, open and transparent with all employees, no matter where they sit in the overall hierarchy. And the most effective way of making this happen is for organizations to embed performance data and analytics into everything they do – from composing a strategy to appraising an employee’s performance. This way people have a greater shared insight into how the business is running and its overall performance.  Data offers transparency; transparency offers engagement.