Nitu Patel
  • LLB (Hons) Law, LPC NDPL
  • 6 Years Employment Law Experience
  • Medical Capability, TUPE & Discrimination

Having obtained her LLB (Hons) in Law from Leeds, Nitu completed her solicitor training on the Legal Practice Course (LPC) at the College of Law in York.

Nitu’s practical experience was then obtained whilst working at a firm of solicitors undertaking representation for employees’, during which time, she gained valuable knowledge and experience in understanding employment law from the employee’s perspective. Her experience thereafter comprised of representing employers during complicated unfair dismissal and discrimination cases.

Having engaged in tribunal litigation, settlement and negotiations, Nitu considers her rounded experience in dealing with pre-litigation and post-litigation matters to be an essential advantage to her clients. Moreover, having drafted and prepared contracts of employment and handbook documentation, she is sufficiently equipped to defend and anticipate the outcome of employee disputes, making her more proactive when advising her clients.

In her spare time, Nitu is a fitness fanatic, paying regular visits to the gym. She is also a member of various sporting clubs where she participates in an annual sports competitions, held in different parts of the UK.

Nitu’s Q&A:

If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

Monkey – I can’t keep still and I am always on the go. I always need to be moving and I am very observant.

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given or gave?

Always practice what you preach

What do you like about employment law/health and safety?

Employment law/HR is varied and every day if different.

I enjoy the challenging and exciting nature of the work and from the advice perspective, I like to be proactive rather than reactive.

Having experience in dealing with both Claimant and Respondent work, and having dealt with both the advisory side of things as well as Tribunal work, I am able to think outside of the box and the consider the implications from all angles when advising clients.

What do you consider the big employment law/health and safety issue for 2015?

Shared parental leave

How do you relax?

A good work out is relaxation for me. A long drive and reading is also relaxing for me. Oddly, I also find cleaning relaxing!