We all love a white winter. The snow blanketing the horizon, hoarfrost glistening on the bramble, roaring fires keeping us warm, sledging in the park and the spontaneous snowball fight with friends. Yes, we all love a white winter…except when we are working. Grey slush piling up on station platforms, puddles drowning the pavements, sodden socks and treacherous roads carpeted in frozen snow.

For employers, in particular, adverse winter weather creates problems and headaches they would prefer to avoid, such as peaks in employee absences as a consequence of difficult travel conditions resulting from bad weather.

Technically, employees are obliged to attend work unless sick, on maternity leave, on holiday or contracted to mobile working. It is an obligation that applies even in extreme weather conditions. However, whether employers decide to enforce this rule at all costs is down to the wishes of the employer who must weigh up immediate losses to the business against damaging future workforce morale, trust and engagement if employees feel forced into attending work in difficult circumstances,

Here is our advice for employers encountering winter weather dilemmas: