Technology: an employee tool or hindrance?


In his book “What Technology Wants,” Kevin Kelly (founding editor wired magazine) wrote: “Technology wants what life wants: increasing efficiency; increasing opportunity; increasing emergence; increasing complexity; increasing diversity; increasing specialization; increasing freedom; increasing mutualism; increasing beauty”.

Change is being driven by new technology which is further driving up the pace of change and yet, no sooner do we get a handle on one element, than technology has leaped ahead and the desire to change has become faster. We all want technology to make life a little happier and more pleasurable. Companies tell us what we want and sell us what they think we need. Yet is that how it’s supposed to be? Should we be saying NO?

Increased automation will inevitably mean the loss of jobs in time. What will we do?

My personal nemesis is the mobile phone!!!! It has worked its way into every facet of society, and has become so part of our daily life, that people have killed to have the latest phone; people have died as a result of the fixation with our phone. To me…’s a necessary tool for every daily life, but it should not be glorified like a prophet, but merely a tool to work for us.

Social media has exploded in the 21st century, and if you are not on Facebook, Twitter, Bebo or one of the hundred mass media outlets, then you will be left behind as a troglodyte. Mass media does not care for who you are and your values, simply a tool to promote other products, a wheel that sometimes is easier to stay on and hard to get off.

Technology is evolving so quickly and productivity improving, some of the latest research shows that 35% of Jobs in the UK are at risk of being automated. How we use technology will shape our future, and build a workplace which is constantly evolving.

What does it mean for you as the business owner?

  • Understand how it works and identify the costs and benefits of the technology to the business
  • Train employees to use the technology
  • Measure success
  • Adjust

What was the purpose of this article? My first thought was that technology is a tool for us to use and to deliver change!

As a footnote you may want to consider the development of household telephones took decades to reach 50% of homes and yet it took only 5 years for mobile phones to achieve the same level. New innovations are being adopted quicker and have shorter life cycles than ever before.


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