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Brexit & Employment Law: What employers need to know

With 31st October 2019 looming, Deal or No-Deal… are you ready for the changes Brexit will bring to your business? Given there appears to be little in the way of certainty as to whether…

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Is your dress code policy tailored for tribunal or dressed for success?

Many organisations require their workforce to adhere to rules regarding their appearance, whether they are required to wear a uniform or wear appropriate ‘business attire’…

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Waste in the Workplace: What you need to know

The waste hierarchy was set out in the Waste Framework Directive, a 2008 European Union Directive. This ranks methods of managing and controlling it. In order of preference, these are…

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  • 6 Apr 2020 – Good work Plan: agency workers, annual leave, statement of terms

  • 6 Apr 2020 – Tax on termination payments

  • 6 Apr 2020 – Extension of IR35 to private sector

  • 2020 – Executive pay gap reports

  • 2020 – Parental bereavement provision

  • Currently on hold – Grandparental leave

The Good Work Plan: What do Employers need to know?

The Good Work plan is a Government strategy set to reform employment law, with focus on the following key themes: Fair and decent work; Clarity for employers and workers; and Fairer….

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Young Person’s in the Workplace

It’s summertime and the school holidays are in full swing. It is during this time that many companies think about taking on a young person to work over the summer, but just remember…

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Health & Safety Tips for Working in Summer Heat

Now that there is a more informed understanding of the risks associated with exposure to the sun for construction workers and the potential for the development of skin related cancers. Sunburn and exposure…

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