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Clean for You (Midlands) Ltd are a professional domestic and commercial cleaning company that took on the help of Avensure to assist with all aspects of their HR and Employment Law. The Case Study provides a summary of the advice service delivered by Avensure when dealing with an employment law matter.

About Clean for You (Midlands) Ltd

Clean for You (Midlands) Ltd is a company established since 2006 based in Wolverhampton offering first class service to clients in their homes or offices, refurb properties or any new build.

Why did Clean for You (Midlands) Ltd need HR or Employment Law Advice?

Avensure assisted Clean for You (Midlands) Ltd with a medical capability dismissal.

A difficult quite complex issue that had never arose before occurred and there was an obvious requirement that a thorough process needed to be followed when dealing with it due to the risks involved. We contacted Avensure in the first instance to get their expert advice and support.

How did Avensure help Clean for You (Midlands) Ltd address their HR issues?

My dedicated advisor saw me through the complex matter from start to finish.

  • Avensure wrote up a Welfare invite letter.
  • Compiled a list of questions that needed to be ask in the Welfare meeting.
  • Avensure wrote a Letter that was to be sent to their GP asking for their medical report along with posing questions that I wanted answering.
  • Avensure wrote another follow up Welfare Invite letter to a medical capability meeting after we received their GP report back along with the questions to ask in this meeting.

The process has admittedly not been short but it has been completed correctly, ensuring that at all points we were legally compliant, which is far more important.

I was advised on each step and more importantly explained what the significance was in doing each step which helped me in understanding the implications of not following the procedure correctly and that what we were doing was in keeping with Employment Law.

It is difficult when you are at the start of a process and you sometimes can’t see the end because there is so much that needs to be done in between, but it is worth it when you get to that point where our advisor confirmed we had reached an outcome.

I was really happy when we reached the end of the procedure and our dedicated advisor was lovely to work with during a difficult time.

What services do Avensure provide Clean for You (Midlands) Ltd?

HR and Employment Law

  • Bespoke HR Documentation: Contracts and Handbooks and guidance on implementation.
  • Immediate 24/7 advice on all ongoing HR and Employment Law issues.
  • Access to our own dedicated Employment Law Consultant, Bev Wood who is invaluable.
  • Access to a team with a vast range of experience in Employment Law Contracts and HR.
  • Insurance to cover all legal and tribunal representation costs including all compensation awards.
  • Barrister/ Solicitor trained legal advisors.
  • Training to help us understand Employment Law and HR issues better.

What would you say to someone thinking of using Avensure’s services?

Avensure have been really helpful, our dedicated HR expert was always lovely and friendly to work with even though the situation itself had been quite distressing I really appreciated the support and advice that I received.

I was mindful all the way through that I needed to follow the correct procedure that was advised to me so that things were always done correctly.

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