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Baking and selling produce on various Markets across the South of England, McCarthy’s Country Store have been using Avensure for all aspects of their HR and Employment Law compliance. This Case Study provides a summary of the services delivered and how McCarthy’s Country Store has benefited from Avensure’s HR services.

About McCarthy Country Store

A small company owned and ran by Peter McCarthy, producing artisan bread and other baked goods. The business retails the baked products on various markets across the south of England. Peter prides himself on building this business over the last 10 years from scratch.

Why did McCarthy Country Store need HR or Employment Law Advice and Legal Assistance?

An ex-employee had commenced proceedings in the employment tribunal. Peter had been handling the matter himself fairly comfortably for several months and had attended tribunal on the first occasion on his own against the claimant’s solicitors.

As matters became more protracted and the claimant’s solicitors were seeking a sum over £26,000, it was then that Peter decided to engage the services of Avensure to represent him in the next tribunal hearing as well as the long term services of outsourced HR advice and support. The claimant was claiming that they had been discriminated against, unfairly dismissed and further to this claiming unpaid wages, notice pay and holiday pay.

Peter instructed Avensure with approximately 1 week to go before the next tribunal hearing.

How did Avensure help address their HR issue?

After reviewing the paperwork Avensure advised Peter on the course of action. Avensure took preparation for the tribunal out of Peter’s hands and contacted the tribunal as well as the Claimant’s solicitors. With only a few days preparation the Claimant’s solicitors had already halved their settlement expectations by making an offer of £10,000 in full and final settlement.

The hearing was to deal with complex issues, law and submissions in trying to have the claim struck out on an intricately argued legal point. The claimant was cross examined whilst on oath and Avensure were able to demonstrate frailties, inconsistencies and make the claimant’s evidence look wholly unreliable.

After some scrutiny from the tribunal the submissions and representation from Avensure was well reasoned and all the claims against Peter were struck out and the claim failed without progressing any further.

Peter commented “I wouldn’t usually want to have outsourced services like HR but now I wouldn’t look back and think that the result was exceptional. It was a great result with such a limited time before the hearing and I’m pleased to have engaged the services of Avensure.

I attended the previous hearing and understood the majority of it but this one was more technical and more legal and I was thankful for Avensure’s representation and I look forward to having Avensure as a valued partner for the years to come.”

What services do Avensure provide McCarthy Country Store?

HR and Employment Law

  • Bespoke HR Documentation: Contracts and Handbooks and guidance on implementation.
  • Immediate 24/7 advice on all ongoing HR and Employment Law issues.
  • Access to our own dedicated Employment Law Consultant, who is invaluable.
  • Access to a team with a vast range of experience in Employment Law Contracts and HR.
  • Insurance to cover all legal and tribunal representation costs including all compensation awards.
  • Barrister/ Solicitor trained legal advisors.
  • Training to help us understand Employment Law and HR issues better.

What would you say to someone thinking of using Avensure‘s services? 

“The services have been great. Very prompt and timely in a situation that was looking likely to be costly and getting extremely complex. I would recommend those with tribunals to seek the advice and representation of Avensure.”

McCarthy Country Store



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