Crafty Wizards Ltd

“When I contact Avensure they're always friendly, easy to talk to, and approachable. They're professional.

It's given me more confidence in dealing with HR matters.”

Matthew Byrne Director

Clocktower Childcare Ltd

“I like the speed; because of their knowledge they can give you an answer there and then.

It makes us more confident having Avensure as back up.”

Lara Baverstock Manager

Communicators Training Associates Ltd

“When I need to use Avensure they're there, that's the best thing about it. I don't need it every day but when I do need it I can ring up and I can get instant support.

The benefit to the business is the legal side of everything.

I can produce all of the letters but it's just knowing that you've got the safeguard that what you're doing with these contracts and information is up to date with the latest legislation; So I suppose it's just having the up to date information to keep me right really.


I would particularly recommend them to small businesses which don't necessarily have that in house legal structure behind them which is why it works for me.
Everything that I need I get and it works really well.”

Isobel Currie Director

Stepping Stones (At St Peters School)

"Avensure are there on hand if I ever need any advice or anything.

It's benefited us as it helps me to deal with staff."

Claire Dobson Owner / Registered Provider

Christ The King Preschool

“Avensure are informative and helpful; They answer all of our questions.  You feel like you're getting a good service.
We haven't finished yet, we're still finalising the initial contacts and things. It is costly to us but equally informative and helpful because it's helping managing our staff better.  Things will resolve a lot easier because I'm actually referring to Avensure and it's not just us or the committee because I'm using somebody who's legal as well.
I email them and they come back to me, and they've waited for me when we've had to do things this end.  We have enough to do without feeling we're under pressure.  Equally they've made it a point of ensuring we understand how important things are.  We got feedback into the staff as well to let them know that all these things we're putting in place are important.”

Emma Marshall Manager