Coopers Coffee Shop

“It's the accessibility.
They're always there on the end of the phone. Even if we can't get through to our designated person someone will always help. They keep quite extensive notes so that they can.

It's reassuring to know that they're there all the time. It's helped me work through any HR issues that I've had. I've got quite a good understanding of HR but not to the detail that you need. So they know about the things that you may not have realised you can do.

It's just having that support there.

I've been with them for just over a year and at one point I had quite a few problems and felt like I was ringing them all the time so I don't feel I'm wasting my monthly fee.

I'm actually putting that money to good use.”

Amanda Wilson Director

C & L Sherrington Ltd

“I like the fact that you can get in touch with the specific person you want to speak to pretty quickly, you're not passed from pillar to post.

We've used Avensure a couple of times with employment dispute issues and they've been very helpful and have helped us reach a satisfactory outcome with the employee.”

Louise Sherrington Owner

Bob Everiss

A few years ago I was having an issue with a member of staff and I needed some advice, so I contacted the Employment advice Bureau who put me in touch with Avensure.  Since then I have received a very professional service from Avensure.

Bob Everiss Owner

The Black Lion (Llanfair Talhaiarn) Ltd

“Avensure are always there and easy to contact.  They've been of help to the business, very much so.  We had a difficulty with a contract termination case and we just followed their guidance to the letter and everything went smoothly.

They've been very helpful with our contracts of employment, both TUPE and non-TUPE."

John Fisher Proprietor

Brown Eagle Caribbean Cuisine

“I like the fact that Avensure are easily contactable and they always get back to us.

No matter what time we called them they would speak to us and get back to us, and then it wasn't like talking to a professional body, it was like talking to a friend;  They gave that little bit more and took the time to listen to us.

It's given us a safety net that when there's issues where we're not sure of the legal way to go about it, there's somebody to go to.”

Sonia Douglas Owner