Cryer & Stott Cheese Mongers Ltd

“We liked the legal help and support they gave when we first started dealing with them about 2 years ago.

They were quite thorough and gave a lot of guidance at the time about areas that we were unsure about as a business.


It gives peace of mind for us as we're only a small family business, so we can carry on confidently doing our day to day job.

I think they do what they say on the tin really.”

Richard Holmes Managing Director

Cockermouth Kitchen Company Ltd

“Avensure are always available and I like their professionalism and knowledge.

It allows a small business to have a bigger business' facilities.
They provide the kind of expertise that we can't afford to have in house.”

David Austin Admin Manager

Concept Paints Ltd

“Avensure are professional and always very helpful and very quick to respond.
We're a small business and the advice and the service that they offer for a company like ours are beneficial due to how small the company is and the fact that we don't normally have the experience to deal with a lot of the issues that we would use Avensure for.
We'd be a bit lost without them!”

James Clark Manager

Bonnies Community Cafe CIC

“I like the fact that I'm paying a monthly fee so I know that at any time at all I can contact Avensure with any queries or issues that I have.

We've got all our contracts drawn up and the employee’s handbook.

It's just the peace of mind knowing that all this has been done properly.”

Jill Williams Director

Brookridge Timber Ltd

“What stands out most about the service from Avensure is the expert knowledge.  The part they deal with for us is a bit of a legal minefield so it's really something you need expert advice on a lot of the time.

It gives us more confidence in the way we handle personnel matters.  We've been using Avensure for about 12 months now.
We used to handle it all in house but I think what we do is to a higher standard now that we're working with Avensure.”

Chris Jandrell Director