Court Street Medical Practice

“I like the fact that I've got my own contact that I can go to straight away.

I just find that if it's the same person they know about you already so you don't have to start from scratch.

Avensure helped us with a disciplinary.”

Maria Humphries Practice Manager

Church Road Surgery

“I like Avensure's quick responses to anything I've asked for. They've given us advice on employment law which we've needed a few times and it's been very good.  It's helped us to do things without getting into trouble about it.”

Alex Hayfield Practice Manager

Bootcamp Pilates

“I think it's the speed at which Avensure get back to me that really stands out.

There's always someone there to help.  When I have awkward or emotional meetings with people where we have employment issue I have the backup, so rather than agonising over whether this person is going to take me to court, or whether the meeting will end productively, or if it's going to be emotional and end in tears, I know I have the backup and the emotional and legal support and that Avensure will write a letter to the person for me.
Letting go of someone is always an unpleasant situation and they take that sting out of it.

They're exactly what it says on the box.  I'm very happy with them.

I pay by direct debit and don't really think of them very much, but when I do I'm glad that I've got Avensure's number and that I'm with them.”

Dominique Day Founder

Blyton Dental Surgery Ltd

“Avensure are pretty approachable.

Our practice manager uses them and if she has any questions she appears to be happy with the response.


If we have any legal queries we can ask them, although we haven't had to as yet, but it's nice to know there's somebody around.”

Arun Thomas Owner

Chestnut Homecare Ltd

“The response is the stand out point; How quickly Avensure give you answers and how they reply. It’s really good.  It has helped us and it protects us.

If we need anything or have any queries we just call them.”

Lesley Wesley Manager