Avensure Unsubscribe

Thank you for visiting the Avensure Unsubscribe area. We are sorry that you have received an unwanted communication from us and we are committed to ensuring that you will be efficiently removed from our database at the earliest opportunity.

How have you got my details?

As a UK based B2B company we engage in a variety of marketing activities both online and offline. In the course of our activities we obtain in good faith GDPR compliant data from various licensed aggregators. This data is compiled from a variety of public domain sources.

What happens next?

Due to the high volume of data that we hold on our system it’s very important that you give us all the information required so that we can conduct a thorough investigation and remove each instance of your data from our systems.

IMPORTANT: Whilst we will do everything within our capability to remove your details from our own internal systems there is still the possibility that in the future we will inadvertently reobtain your data from the providers. We have no way to avoid this from happening, however, the best course of action is for you to contact the data provider yourself directly and independently request that your information is removed from their systems. Please note that we are unable to do this on your behalf.

Please send your data removal request to: [email protected]

Instructions for removal of your data from Avensures systems

Please complete the adjacent form taking care to provide us with as much specific contact information as possible so that we can identify all instances of your existence on our systems. This means that if you have multiple aliases, company names, emails addresses, postal addresses, mobile phone numbers etc then we will need to receive each one in order to ensure that data is removed in full.

Note: Where information is not provided we cannot guarantee it will be removed.