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Client Support Zone

As an existing Avensure Client you have full access to a range of options via our Customer Support Zone. We recommend saving this page in your web browser favourites so that you can get here quickly in the future.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to speak with my lead Employment Law Consultant?2018-06-18T15:01:53+01:00

It’s always better to speak with your lead advice consultant for continuity but any member of the advice team can provide advice.

What number do I call for employment law advice?2021-11-04T11:48:01+00:00

If you are an existing client call 0800 100 8704. If you are not a client please call 0800 151 2935

When should I call for employment law advice?2018-06-18T15:01:24+01:00

As soon as you have an issue, it’s never too early to call but sometimes it can be too late.  If you are not sure just call for guidance.

Do I need to call for advice if I have a problem with an employee who has short service i.e. currently less than 2 years’ service?2018-06-18T15:02:41+01:00

Yes, all employees have some employment rights from day one or even before.  Never assume that short service means you can just dismiss.

Do you write letters to my employees?2018-06-18T15:03:18+01:00

We discuss the case and provide draft bespoke wording for you to review and approve prior to you issuing the letters.

Do you attend disciplinary, grievance and appeal hearings?2018-06-18T15:04:03+01:00

We provide bespoke advice and support to empower and enable you as the employer to chair the hearings and we are only a phone call away should you need urgent advice.

Do I need to call for advice if the employee resigns?2018-06-18T15:04:36+01:00

Yes, it may seem like a natural end to the contract but can also be the beginning of many problems where you will need to take advice.

How do I contact the Avensure Absence support team?2021-11-04T11:49:51+00:00

For technical questions on the software call the advice line number 0800 100 8704, for specific advice on dealing with an employee’s absence use Option 1 to contact your Employment Law Advice Team.

What do I do if I receive a call form ACAS or a Tribunal Claim?2018-06-18T15:05:47+01:00

Do not ignore it! Forward it to the employment law advice team or your lead employment law consultant as soon as possible as they have strict time limits.

How do I contact my legal advocate?2021-11-04T11:51:24+00:00

If you are an existing client call 0800 100 8704. If you are not a client please call 0800 151 2935.

Is my data stored securely?2018-06-18T15:06:43+01:00

Yes and in accordance with GDPR.

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