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Meet Your Retail Business Health and Safety Requirements with the Experts at Avensure

Retail health and safety requirements can be complex and confusing for those without a legal background. Finding time to double-check your obligations can be challenging when trying to run a retail business. With Avensure’s help, meeting your obligations for the health and safety for customers and staff is easy. We are one of the UK’s top outsourced HR providers made up of a team of talented HR employment law consultants and also offer expert Health and Safety consultancy services and we have already helped over 3000 businesses achieve compliance with HSE regulations. Knowing what action you need to take to achieve compliance with regulations for health and safety in retail is the most challenging part, but with over a decade of experience, Avensure can quickly point out where your shop is falling short of requirements and what you need to do to remedy the situation. There’s no need to worry that your shop risk assessment or health and safety policy is inadequate when it’s written just for you by the experts at Avensure.

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Avensure’s expert health and safety consulting begins with a comprehensive, on-site retail store risk assessment where we identify all the hazards on your premises. Every retail risk assessment is carried out by one of our expert consultants with the help of our carefully designed checklists. Ensuring you are compliant with HSE regulations for health and safety in a shop can only be done if you know exactly what is classified as a risk and what you need to do about it. By having the initial audit carried out by an industry expert such as Avensure, you know that it will be brought to your attention no matter how big or small the risk is. This audit is the backbone of Avensure’s retail health and safety service, and we use it to create training materials and action points for your business.

    Expert Consultancy with Retail Health and Safety Support alongside Training Materials will Guide your Retail Store to Compliance

    After our expert team have audited your shop and established what risks are present and how they can be mitigated, Avensure put together a retail health and safety training plan for you. This training material guides you on the health and safety of your premises and will focus on the risks identified on your site. The idea is to give you and your team a solid understanding of approaching health and safety in the retail sector. The training material covers everything you need to ensure staff and customer safety in retail stores. Along with the training materials, Avensure will provide any support or guidance that you need. That could be tests or quick-reference packs to help your team learn the requirements, or it could be checklists for your team to go through daily before the store opens. It could also mean we provide legal documents that you might need to show that guidelines for health and safety in retail stores are being followed correctly.

    Having a Comprehensive Health and Safety Policy in Place is Essential for any Successful Retail Business

    Health and safety in supermarkets, clothes stores, or any other retail business is vital, and failing to take it seriously can lead to injuries for staff or customers. Along with an incident like this ruining your reputation, if your retail shop health and safety policy is found to be lacking, you could end up in an employment tribunal or with legal action being taken against you. This would be a costly, time-consuming process that could easily lead to your store being closed down. With Avensure backing you up, this is no longer a concern. As one of the leading retail health and safety consultants in the UK, we will make sure every part of your business is compliant with HSE regulations and that your staff and customers are kept safe at all times. In addition, our unique insurance means you are protected from legal costs when you follow our advice, even in the extremely unlikely case that an incident does occur.

    Speak to an Avensure Retail Health and Safety Consultant Today And Find Out Why We Are a Trusted Name for Health and Safety in the Retail Industry

    Reading the rules on health and safety in stores can be confusing, time-consuming, and can ultimately leave you without a clear picture of what you need to do. With the help of dedicated retail health and safety consultants such as Avensure, you get clear, honest advice about what you need to do, from changing procedures to providing safety equipment to additional training materials for your team. Call us or enquire online today and join over 3000 businesses that have already let Avensure handle their health and safety requirements. We provide a complete retail health and safety and HR solution that saves you money compared to hiring an HR or health and safety advisor while giving you a dedicated lead consultant and 24-hour service. With Avensure taking care of everything from your retail risk assessment to your health and safety training, getting your store compliant with health and safety regulations is easier than ever.

    Retail Health and Safety FAQs

    Why is health and safety important in a store?2021-11-11T09:59:37+00:00

    Health and safety in stores is important as it keeps staff, customers, contractors, and anyone else who visits the premises safe. Failing to adequately follow the rules for health and safety in shops can lead to injuries. Customers may fall over in cluttered aisles, while staff may injure themselves while trying to retrieve heavy items from the top shelves. With the right approach to health and safety in retail environments, these risks can be reduced or eliminated, keeping everyone safe.

    Who enforces health and safety laws in retail?2021-10-25T10:20:11+01:00

    The Health and Safety Act (HSE) enforces legislation regarding health and safety in retail is enforced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the UK’s national regulator for workplace health and safety. Failing to follow the laws for health and safety in shops and other retail spaces can lead to fines or the shutdown of your business by HSE. However, legal action can also be taken by your staff or customers if you fail to provide a safe space to work or shop.

    What are the potential risks and hazards at a retail store?2021-11-04T07:26:03+00:00

    While a shop risk assessment might seem easy compared with other industries, there are still several important hazards to consider:

    • Slips and falls
    • Manual handling
    • Air quality
    • Fire and evacuation
    • Crime

    As an employer and business manager, it is your responsibility to consider these hazards to ensure your staff and customers are safe. By taking advantage of Avensure’s retail safety training materials and comprehensive retail store risk assessment service, these hazards can be mitigated easily and quickly.

    What is health and safety in retail?2021-10-25T10:19:18+01:00

    Health and safety in retail is the considered and thoughtful approach to hazards that aims to eliminate or reduce the potential for injury or incident. Through a collection of procedures, risk assessments, checklists, and training, health and safety is about ensuring staff and customer safety in retail stores. It also provides the company is operating within the HSE regulations that govern health and safety in the retail sector.

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