Construction Health and Safety Advice & Building Site Risk Assessment Service

Managing health and safety in construction effectively is essential for any employer operating in the construction industry. Construction health and safety laws are some of the most complex and strict in the country – rightly so as building sites are home to heavy machinery and dangerous equipment that can cause serious injury if risks are not adequately managed. With construction health and safety advice from Avensure, you can make sure that your site is safe for employees and that you have taken all the legally required steps towards health and safety compliance.

Build a Solid Foundation of Construction Health and Safety with the Experts at Avensure

While it is vital to make sure your building site risk assessment is conducted correctly and steps are taken to prevent injury because the laws are so strict, the consequences of failure are so high; as an employer, this process can be intimidating. Thankfully you don’t have to become an overnight expert in construction health and safety. Contact Avensure, and we will send one of our construction safety consultants to conduct a full audit of your domestic or commercial construction project. From there, our team provides you with reusable building site health and safety training material. This will give you a good understanding of the health and safety laws that you need to be aware of in the industry and will help with future risk identification in construction projects that may apply.

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H&S Risk Assessment for Construction Site Service UK Wide

By using our expert team for your construction project risk assessment, you can be sure that nothing is missed in the safety audit. Avensure is an independent HSE consultancy that works to protect and safeguard businesses and employers in the UK through on-site risk assessments evaluations, provision of training materials, and full guidance to ensure the implementation of safe practices. While our head office is based in Manchester, we have a network of highly-trained construction safety consultants across the country who are ready to evaluate your site, wherever that is.

Health and safety in construction is complex and confusing, so rather than navigating it yourself, call us for expert help. We know our way around both domestic and commercial construction industry projects. So no matter how big or small the job is, you can contact Avensure for a building site risk assessment evaluation and get all the necessary advice to make sure your site is safe and compliant with the H&S requirements.

From Scaffolding Risk Assessment to Working at Height Risk Assessment We Understand Construction Health and Safety Compliance Requirements

Even if you think you only need working at height risk assessment or a scaffolding risk assessment, Avensure carries out a comprehensive audit that will cover everything related to H&S risks, including:

Slips And Trips

Working At Height

Moving Parts And Machinery


Manual Handling



Extreme Temperature




Construction sites are home to risks you won’t find in other sectors, and a risk assessment in the construction industry needs to be carried out by someone who understands these unique challenges. Avensure is an industry leader in construction health and safety consulting, and our risk assessment evaluations are comprehensive and detailed. Along with the audit, our consultants help put together a building site health and safety course for you and your employees so you can identify risks and prevent injuries, keeping your staff safe and knowing that you are in full compliance with H&S Law.

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Construction Health and Safety Consulting, Training Materials to Make Sure Your Project is Compliant

After a risk assessment evaluation, Avensure provides you with detailed building site health and safety training materials including video for you and your team. To ensure your team is well trained in risk identification in construction projects, we use a range of exercises and support materials to make these sessions both engaging and informative. 

We recognise that everyone learns differently, and our construction health and safety advice and training guides are kept up-to-date to ensure you can continue to educate the staff and continue to manage your own construction health and safety risk assessments.

Avensure Provide Building Site Health and Safety Training Guides with Convenient Construction Health and Safety Course Materials

Although our consultants can reach you in any part of the UK, we also offer construction health and safety courses online. With the growth of video conferencing solutions, many employers are choosing online training. This cost-effective construction safety course solution provides a more convenient way to run training for you or your team without needing to worry about travel or scheduling. 

With Avensure’s service, you will receive a reusable compliance kit that you can use as a building site health and safety course, and this will help maintain compliance and awareness ongoing. Our construction safety expert will help you identify the risks you are likely to see on your site and who can help you put together an action plan to stay compliant and safe.

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I am so pleased I found this company to help me through a very difficult time I have been having with a member of staff. I have spoke to many members of the Avensure team and they are all approachable and reassuring. The knowledge they have is so helpful, and it is comforting to know that the legal support is there too and included in the subscription so no horrible solicitor bills, if it is ever needed, on top of paying for the excellent H R advice. My only regret is I wish I found this wonderful company earlier on. Can not recommend them enough.

Construction Health and Safety FAQs

Health and safety in construction sites are important both for keeping your employees, clients or visitors safe, as well as for remaining in compliance with the UK’s Health and Safety legislation. Failing to take steps towards a health and safety compliant workplace can result in a fine from HSE, or being taken to a tribunal by your employees. More importantly, construction health and safety protocols prevent accidents and injuries, and in some cases, can be the difference between life and death. If you need construction health and safety advice or are worried that your workplace is not compliant, call Avensure today for a comprehensive, detailed risk assessment evaluation and follow up training or if you need advice meeting the requirements for a specific construction health and safety certificate.

The most common health hazards in construction can be summarised as:

·        Trips and falls: Half-finished balconies and stairs with no bannisters make trips and falls more likely

·        Machinery: Power tools and machinery have the potential to cause serious harm if handled improperly

·        Vehicles: On larger sites, bulldozers, excavators, and cement trucks may be moving around frequently

·        Hazardous materials: Adhesives, concrete and other chemicals frequently used in construction can be corrosive or toxic.

A building site risk assessment evaluation from Avensure will highlight the most urgent health and safety risks on your site.

Construction health and safety issues are often the same as found in other workplaces – slips and trips, machinery, noise, vibration, or working at height. The critical difference is that a construction site is continually evolving and changing as the project progresses. It is an incomplete space that does not necessarily have designated vehicles or marked areas around machinery. These factors make it inherently more dangerous than other workplaces, so good construction health and safety advice is vital.

Health and safety and risk assessment in the construction industry is a collection of steps and measures taken to reduce the risk of an injury within the workplace, specifically on building sites. Health and safety in construction sites can be more complex than in other workplaces due to heavy machinery, vehicles, and hazardous materials, so an employer must comply with HSE requirements. It’s often a very good idea to reference an up to date construction safety inspection checklist.

Health And Safety In Construction Shouldn’t Be Taken Lightly: Contact Our Construction Safety Consultants and Arrange a Building Site Risk Assessment Evaluation Visit Today

Construction sites are dangerous places if not correctly managed. Construction vehicles, heavy machinery, and hazardous materials can present risks to both employees and visitors. We understand that you are busy running a business and don’t have time to learn the details of health and safety in construction yourself. Luckily you don’t have to: simply contact Avensure for qualified, expert construction health and safety consulting services. Starting with a detailed construction risk assessment evaluation, we learn about your site and provide access to construction health and safety courses. This helps you keep your staff safe, reduce the risk of accidents, and make sure your business complies with HSE guidelines. With Avensure, you have construction health and safety advice whenever you need it, and it comes at a lower cost than hiring a permanent Health and Safety expert, alongside an array of helpful construction safety courses options.

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