Make Things Simple with Avensure People Cloud’s Staff Holiday Booking System

Staff holiday is important, but managing annual leave can be a nightmare. From ensuring that everyone is clear about holiday blackout dates to turning down leave requests because too many people already booked those days – it can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be when using an employee holiday tracker. When using Avensure People Cloud’s staff holiday booking system you can monitor your staff time off from a simple, easy-to-use holiday tracking software system that means you aren’t repeatedly turning down the same dates or accidentally approving overlapping leave for critical employees. Try the People Cloud staff holiday planner and see how easy managing company time off can be.

Cutting Edge Staff Holiday Planner & Holiday Management Software

Avensure People Cloud includes a state-of-the-art employee holiday tracker among many other features. The holiday tracking software easily integrates with your existing employee calendars and gives you quick reports about who is off, when, and also who still has to book their leave. The holiday planning software comes with a graphical interface to make it easy to look over the whole leave calendar at the same time or zoom into specific dates or departments.

With Avensure People Cloud’s staff holiday software, you can organise the leave calendar by department, or create custom reports for specific dates and employees, and you can even import public holidays from multiple countries across the world. Our staff holiday planner software also allows you to approve leave confidentially – colleagues will see that someone is off but not why – giving your employees some important privacy for sensitive matters. Avensure People Cloud annual leave software comes with many other features and is fully customisable for your workflow, so no matter how large or small your company is you can streamline your leave by making use of the latest holiday management software.

Our Easy to Use Staff Annual Leave Planner is Ideal for Both Large and Small Businesses

Our Easy to Use Staff Annual Leave Planner is Ideal for Both Large & Small Businesses

Whether you have 10 or 100 employees, using a staff annual leave planner is the best way to stay on top of when people are taking holiday, sick leave, or are absent for other reasons. Annual leave software is designed to automate more than just holiday requests and Avensure People Cloud comes with built-in calculators for leave entitlement, overtime, carry-over, and time-off-in-lieu. Because features work with both regular contracted employee hours and those on flexible employment patterns, you can benefit from Avensure People Cloud employee leave planner functions no matter the size of your company or the number of people you employ.

HR Holiday Booking System with 3rd Party Calendar Integration

Avensure People Cloud’s HR holiday booking system is designed to integrate into Google, Outlook, Apple, and other 3rd  party calendar apps. This means that once you approve leave on the holiday planning software it will automatically appear on you and your employees’ calendars, so you always know who is off and when. With most staff holiday planner apps, integration is extremely simple, but our custom staff holiday booking system APIs means you can get the same functionality on any 3rd party calendar.

Company Wide Interactive Employee Leave Planner

Company-Wide Interactive Employee Leave Planner

Rejecting leave wastes time and it is also bad for morale. When using Avensure People Cloud’s employee leave planner all time off is recorded and displayed clearly. That means everyone in the company can see who is off and when they are off, making it easy to plan their own holidays. Because of this, our HR holiday software leads to fewer holiday requests over blackout dates or when too many other staff are away, and thus fewer rejected holidays.

Fully Customisable Holiday Planning Software Including Holiday Allowances & Unpaid Leave

Avensure People Cloud’s staff holiday booking system is much more than just holiday planning software. While the holiday planner software is the core of the program, the system allows you to input overtime, time-off-in-lieu, sick leave, unpaid leave, and maternity leave. All of this is done through an easy, intuitive online staff holiday software interface that can be accessed at any time, from anywhere, so you can always stay on top of your team’s annual leave requests.

Respond to Requests Directly From the Online Staff Holiday Planner

One of the biggest time-savers when using an online staff holiday planner is that employees no longer need to fill out a leave request, leave it on their desk, and wait for your approval. Now they just request the dates within the annual leave software. They can include additional information when submitting the request, and you can approve, deny or ask questions – everything is done directly from the planner, inside one simple program.

Why does Avensure People Cloud offer the Best Holiday Management Software Solution?

Avensure People Cloud’s holiday management software is consistently rated as one of the best because it is:
  • Feature-packed: from its easy integration with third-party calendars to its built-in calculators for time-off-in-lieu, there is little the software can’t do.
  • Easy-to-use: Our staff holiday planner gives you an in-depth look at one department or an overview of the whole company with just a few clicks.
  • Cost-efficient: Avensure People Cloud is affordable for small and medium-sized enterprises and will save you time and money by automating tasks.
It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the number of holiday tracking software choices available for small and medium-sized businesses, but with Avensure People Cloud’s staff holiday planner software there is no need to look further afield.

Holiday Management Software FAQs

Holiday management software works by automating many of the steps in approving staff leave, including calculating the remaining entitlements or time-off-in-lieu based on your policy configuration. The Avensure People Cloud staff holiday management software allows leave requests to be approved or denied within this system and displays the information in an easy-to-read calendar. The employee leave planner makes it easy for each employee to see what leave they have remaining and when there is space on the calendar when they can take their leave. Contact us today if you have any questions about the Avensure People Cloud online staff holiday booking system.

An HR holiday booking system can help your business by streamlining the annual leave approval process. Instead of needing to ask how many days an employee has remaining, or when they can take the leave they just log in and look at their remaining entitlement. Staff holiday management software saves you and your HR team a huge amount of time, which can be better spent on other aspects of running your business.

Absolutely! The Avensure People Cloud employee holiday tracker is designed to be customisable for your unique workflow, leave policies, employee numbers and busy periods. You can set blackout dates, integrate with 3rd  party calendars, and configure the interface. With custom APIs you can even integrate the staff holiday planner software with other applications that you might use to manage your company.

Avensure People Cloud The Staff Holiday Booking System You Can Trust Every Time!

If you want to avoid mistakes in approving holiday leave and minimise the amount of work that goes into managing your employee time off, then you need a staff holiday booking system. Avensure People Cloud’s online staff holiday booking system saves you time and gives you an easy way to manage employee time off across the entire company.

At the same time, you remain safe. All confidential employee information is stored securely on our cloud servers, meaning that even if there is a security failure at your office, everything on Avensure People Cloud, including the staff holiday planner app, remains uncompromised. This gives you another layer of security for sensitive employee information and is yet another reason to use the employee holiday tracker functionality found in Avensure People Cloud. To learn more about this product, especially about how the holiday management software could benefit your workplace get in touch with our team today.

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