Education Health and Safety Consulting & School Risk Assessment Services

Managing a school is a difficult job. On top of worrying about the student’s grades and performance, you have to manage the site, budgets, equipment, and the school risk assessment. Rather than worrying about how to follow the legislation for health and safety in schools, contact Avensure. Our education health and safety expert will carry out a school risk assessment evaluation, highlighting any issues and helping you to put together an HSE compliant health and safety policy in the classroom, on school trips, and in the playground.

Avensure Helping Manage Health and Safety in the Classroom

Ensuring your school is compliant with HSE requirements begins with health and safety in the classroom. That means your teachers and classroom assistants should be aware of the common risks ranging from trips and falls, to problems with electrical equipment in the classroom, to chemical burns in laboratory practical sessions, to physical injury in P.E. lessons. With Avensure’s health and safety consulting services for schools, we cover everything you need to know to remain compliant with HSE requirements in and out of the classroom. Our comprehensive onsite evaluation of school premises makes conducting risk assessment in schools easy for our clients, highlighting anything that needs urgent attention, and our training awareness videos for health and safety in the classroom will make sure that all of your teachers and staff are applying the best practices at all times and know what to be on the lookout for in the future. This keeps your school compliant and reduces the risk of injury to both staff and pupils.

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Our Experts Understand Health and Safety in Schools, Procedures & Requirements

When you ask for help with Health and Safety for schools, you want people who genuinely understand the challenges you are facing. A school is a problematic place to enact procedures. There are often hundreds of children moving between different rooms, more interested in talking to each other than paying attention to adults. This can be equally if not more challenging when working with young adults and university students, and Avensure understands this. That’s why our school health and safety advice is relevant to the unique and challenging environment you are working in. Our trusted advice will help you put together a health and safety policy in schools that works and can be easily understood and followed by everyone from teachers, assistants, janitors and cafeteria staff to visiting speakers and volunteers running workshops or after-school clubs. Whether it is university health and safety or a primary school, Avensure can help.

UK Wide Health and Safety School Risk Assessment Evaluation Services

To get ready for the school year or improve your current health and safety in schools, call Avensure. We carry out a detailed and comprehensive school risk assessment evaluation. This on-site audit will help us identify what you are doing right and what classroom health and safety requirements need improvement. According to the Health and Safety Executive, our school risk assessment evaluation services are carried out to ensure that all H&S requirements are satisfied. Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is the body that would penalise you if regulations are not followed.

We also pay close attention to areas that OFSTED look at. While they do not have official H&S rules, they do note HSE regulations in their reports. Once we have completed the risk assessment evaluation, we will provide you access to a detailed and easy-to-understand training program to help you make the necessary changes and implement the correct procedures.

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We Support You With School Health and Safety Training Materials, Supporting Documentation & Consulting

When we give you access to a school health and safety training course for you and your team, Avensure provides everything necessary to help you absorb and understand the regulations. Along with ensuring that the school health and safety courses highlight issues and your team’s specific needs, we provide all the supporting and supplemental materials you might need. We aim to leave you and your team with a solid understanding of the common pitfalls when dealing with health and safety in education so that you can identify risks faster and more efficiently in the future. This solid foundation will help you keep your students and staff safe in the classroom, hall, or on school outings.

From University Health and Safety to Classroom Health and Safety Requirements We Have Decades of Experience

Avensure is one of the UK’s leading providers of outsourced HR and Health and Safety Services, and our team have decades of experience with health and safety procedures in schools. We have a network of school health and safety consultants across the country who know everything there is to know about health and safety in schools. They have also worked across every level of education, from primary schools to universities. Health and safety may seem intimidating, but that is only because the requirements are often written in highly legal language, with numerous points and sub-points. The requirements can be easily explained and understood when working with a consultant with many years of experience with health and safety in the classroom. Our team are experts at helping you break each point down into simple steps that can be actioned immediately.

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‘ Professional, prompt, thorough and excellent service by Tracy Kilby ‘ 

Best in the business. We have been Avensure’s clients for four years now and highly recommend them to all businesses. Professional, prompt and excellent service provided recently by Tracy Kilby (Employment Law Consultant). 

Tracy has been amazing throughout. A big thank you to Tracy!

Health and Safety in Schools FAQs

Health and safety in schools are important as it keeps students, staff, contractors and visitors safe when on the premises or out on a field trip. Failing to take the appropriate steps as required by the Health and Safety Executive could lead to you being responsible for injuries and being open to heavy fines. You could even face legal action from staff, parents, or visitors if you are found to be negligible in your approach to health and safety in education.

Risk assessment in schools is a process used to identify and analyse anything that can negatively impact people on the premises or engage in providing services to the education institution. For example, a risk assessment in a laboratory session might highlight that the chemicals being used can damage the eyes or burn skin, and therefore gloves and safety goggles must be worn by all participants. Because risks like trips and falls are intuitive, we often do not think of reporting them. This means carrying out a school risk assessment evaluation can be tricky for those not trained, and it is why it is so essential to partner with an expert like Avensure.

Health and safety for schools is implemented in many different ways, from ensuring all staff and students are aware of the various risks on a field trip, installing sprinklers in rooms with a fire hazard, or even ensuring that all staff attend school health and safety training courses. After Avensure carries out a complete and comprehensive school risk assessment evaluation, we will cover every point highlighted during our school health and safety courses. In the training courses, you will be guided on how to implement all the necessary changes to ensure your school or university complies with all health and safety requirements.

In the UK, legislation for health and safety in schools is laid out by the government. The exact requirements are extensive and cover all of the following:

·       Responsibility: Who is accountable and when

·       Leadership: Who is responsible for implementing health and safety

·       Elements of a health and safety policy

·       How to assess risks

·       Covid-19 precautions

·       School security

·       Staff training

·       Recording and reporting of accidents or injuries

If you are unsure what your school does right or wrong, or find yourself confused by the legislation for health and safety in the classroom, get in touch with us at Avensure. Our team of legal experts and risk assessment evaluators will help you highlight issues and implement all the correct procedures to keep your staff and students safe at school.

Arrange an Avensure School Risk Assessment Evaluation Today and Let Us Help with Your Education Health and Safety Needs

Getting your school compliant with education health and safety requirements starts with a full audit from Avensure. Our school risk assessment evaluation services and the risk assessment training materials are affordable and give you the expert advice and guidance you need to keep everyone safe – staff, students, visitors, contractors, and anyone else who steps on the premises. We have decades of experience as an outsourced HSE and HR consultancy. Our team includes legal experts and lawyers who know every detail of health and safety and employment law and how that applies to a risk assessment in schools.

Whether you are in charge of a university, summer camp, or primary school, get in touch with Avensure. We can help anywhere in the UK, no matter where you are based. As your trusted partner, we are available at any time for all your health and safety concerns and will put together the proper health and safety policy in schools for you.

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