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Mitigate Risks & Hazards with Avensure’s Health and Safety Manufacturing Advice and Consulting

Maintaining health and safety in manufacturing environments might seem like an impossible target given the risk of fire, injuries from heavy fabrication machinery, and the presence of dangerous chemicals. However, meeting factory health and safety regulations does not mean eliminating all risks and hazards. Preventative action is needed to reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring and reduce the severity of an injury caused by accident. For example, health and safety for factory workers include clear floor markings around a fabrication machine can reduce the chance that someone will stand too close to the active machinery, and wearing safety goggles and gloves while handling chemicals can reduce the severity of injury in the event of a spill. As an employer, safety in manufacturing plants is your responsibility and failing to take the proper steps to mitigate risks can lead to legal action, fines from HSE or even your employees taking you to an employment tribunal. When you partner with Avensure, you get easy-to-understand manufacturing health and safety advice to help you identify and mitigate risks and hazards in your factory.

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Achieve Compliance for Factory Health and Safety Regulations with Avensure’s Ongoing Support

Manufacturing health and safety regulations are complex. They cover the activities that your workers will be undertaking and detailing how you should store and handle hazardous chemicals. Rather than burdening yourself with yet another task on your list of things to address and trying to grapple with all of the intricate details of the regulations yourself, turn to Avensure. Along with our initial audit of your site, we provide long-term, ongoing support to help you achieve and maintain compliance with factory health and safety regulations. We write a comprehensive action plan that addresses all of the risks we have identified in your workplace to help you meet the health and safety standards in manufacturing and keep your staff safe. With a 24/7 phone line and a dedicated contact for your business, our expert team are available whenever you have a question about health and safety in the manufacturing industry.

    Manufacturing Risk Assessment Audit Site Visits Available Throughout the UK

    Avensure is ready to carry out a manufacturing risk assessment on your site no matter where you are located within the UK. Over decades of providing complete outsourced HR and Health and Safety solutions, we have built a far-reaching network of manufacturing health and safety consultants. No town or city is too remote for Avensure’s manufacturing risk assessment service; if no auditors are nearby, we can arrange travel and overnight accommodation to ensure our experts can reach you and give you the advice you need. We understand how critical a complete risk assessment is, and we endeavour to get a consultant to you quickly, so you are made aware of the issues on your premises. With the Avensure manufacturing risk assessment complete, you can begin rectifying the issues quickly to get your factory compliant with health and safety requirements, reducing the risk of an accident whilst adhering to the relevant H&S legislation.

    Become Compliant with Manufacturing Health and Safety, Consulting and Documentation

    After the initial audit of your site is complete, the next step is to rectify the issues and get your factory compliant with all of the production health and safety requirements. To do this, Avensure provides you with the right manufacturing health and safety training materials that covers all of the risks we have identified and how to mitigate them. We will also cover other common H&S issues in factories and production sites. After perusing our manufacturing safety training materials, you should understand how to resolve the problems at your site and how to approach health and safety for manufacturing in the future. Avensure’s service does not stop there – we will help you get all documentation in order and provide any additional consulting you need. If anything is unclear, we will take the time to explain it so that you can achieve and maintain compliance with all the required health and safety guidelines within ourmanufacturing health and safety course.

    Prevent Accidents & Hazards with Avensure’s Expert Manufacturing Health and Safety Consultants

    Production health and safety are essential to keep your site compliant with legal requirements and prevent an accident, injury, or even death. With Avensure’s expert manufacturing health and safety consultants auditing your site, you know that everything that could cause an injury or accident will be brought to your attention, along with suggestions for how the problems can be rectified. That might mean protective fencing, floor markings, or additional personal protective equipment. Health and safety in a manufacturing environment can be complex as it is impossible to remove all risks altogether. Still, with Avensure’s help, you can significantly reduce the risk of an accident, as well as reducing the likelihood that an accident will result in a severe injury or fatality. With Avensure’s manufacturing risk assessment service, you can start immediately making your site as safe as possible for your workers.

    Need a Manufacturing Production Risk Assessment for Factory Health and Safety Regulations? Give Us a Call

    If you want to make sure your factory is compliant with all of the UK’s health and safety regulations, and you do not want to hire a permanent health and safety expert, then get in touch with Avensure. We provide award-winning outsourced HR and health and safety services to protect employers across the UK. With a comprehensive manufacturing and production risk assessment, you get training materials and ongoing support with documentation and legal advice. We work with businesses large and small across the UK, providing everyone with expert legal advice. To learn more about how we can help with manufacturing health and safety requirements in your business, get in touch with Avensure today. Contact us by phone, or send us an enquiry online – just choose the new client option, and we will be in touch.

    Health And Safety Manufacturing FAQs

    What are the 5 main safety hazards within the manufacturing industry?2021-10-25T09:30:59+01:00

    The primary safety hazards in a plant or factory are:

    ·        Slips and trips

    ·        Uncontrolled fire

    ·        Heavy machinery

    ·        Confined spaces

    ·        Hazardous materials

    Within these categories are numerous risks that may or may not be present in your workplace. For example, cables running on the floor can cause slips and trips, and confined spaces like vats or tanks can cause oxygen depletion. A detailed manufacturing risk assessment by Avensure will identify all of the hazards present on your site and determine the best ways to manage these risks, so get in touch today.

    What are the most important safety aspects in the manufacturing industry?2021-10-25T09:30:22+01:00

    The most important aspects of health and safety in the manufacturing industry are employee training, safeguarding machinery, and the provision and use of personal protective equipment. When operating machinery, employees should be adequately trained and certified in accordance with manufacturer recommendations, and the machinery should be isolated as much as possible. Lastly, personal protective equipment should be provided. Proper attention to these three points makes up the core of an exemplary manufacturing health and safety policy.

    What is risk assessment in the manufacturing industry?2021-10-25T09:29:46+01:00

    In any industry, a risk assessment identifies hazards or risks that could cause an injury. A manufacturing risk assessment like the one provided by Avensure will identify what risks are present, the likelihood of an incident occurring, and the probability of a severe incident. Risk assessments are then used to enact changes that reduce both the likelihood and severity of any incidents through manufacturing safety training for your staff and from the placing of additional safeguards on the site. This is why it’s so important to make sure your key workers have attended the necessary manufacturing health and safety courses.

    Why is health and safety paramount in manufacturing?2021-10-25T09:29:20+01:00

    A factory or manufacturing workshop is one of the most hazardous types of workplace. Hence, factory health and safety is essential to prevent injuries or deaths caused by accidents in the workplace. HSE estimates over 3,000 injuries occurred in the last five years, significantly higher than the number of accidents in other industries. That number could be drastically lowered with the implementation of proper health and safety in the manufacturing industry, something that Avensure can help with.

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