Employment Law Services & Advice for Employers

We are employment law specialists, and we have been providing expert employment law advice for employers for over 10 years. The team at Avensure understands the complexities of employment law protection for employers, and can help your business get ahead of any problems before they arise. Avensure provides UK-wide employment law services for employers with fixed monthly fees to ensure you don’t miss out on anything because of budgeting issues. We offer a variety of services including employment law consultancy, advisory services, and comprehensive online compliance training for employees or managers to ensure you stay fully up-to-date with all the important changes in the field.


Free up valuable time spent dealing with complex internal HR matters


Get peace of mind in knowing that your business is 100% legally compliant


Remove the worry and risk of expensive liabilities and financial penalties

How Does the HR Protect Employment Law Services For Employers Work?

With our monthly fixed fee HR & Employment Law services we give you all the personnel, employment law expertise and product technology you need for you and your business. Our HR Protect is a unique employment law advice service for employers where you receive a complete one-on-one solution from our employment law consultants which enables you to have the same HR Advisor, Legal Advisor and Documentation Advisor. This ultimately gives you continuity of service and relationships which we believe are best for your business.

Additionally, our HR Protect service is insurance backed, giving you the peace of mind knowing that as long as you follow our employer labour law advice we will pay all compensatory awards should the worst case scenario arise.

How Does HR Protect Employment Law Services For Employers Work

What Makes Avensure’s Employment Law Services for Employers Different?

We believe in providing an all encompassing bespoke employment law services to suit your needs and while giving you complete peace of mind. From 24/7 support from our team of employment law experts and a dedicated legal team who can provide expert employment advice for employers whenever needed, we do feel our HR Protect service offers businesses a distinct advantage by safeguarding against all potential employment issues. Most importantly our service is backed up with extensive tribunal insurance protection as long as you follow the employment law advice for employers provided by our consultants.

Dedicated Lead HR Consultant
Dedicated Lead HR Consultant

1-on-1 team leader advisor is allocated to your unique business needs.

247 Support Advice Access
24/7 Support & Advice Access

So you can call anytime even out of hours for reassurance or confidential matters.

Your Own Legal Team
Your Own Legal Team Available All Times

For advanced support, complex cases and tribunals, your team is on call when you need them 24 / 7.

Bespoke Contracts Handbook
Bespoke Contracts & Handbook

Giving you the most effective and business compliant paperwork for your business and staff.

Online Products Solutions
Online Products & Solutions

HR Software and online training for managers and staff to ensure complete compliancy.

Tribunal Insurance Protection
Tribunal Insurance Protection

When you follow our advice you will receive full compensatory protection through our unique policy.

Our Employment Law Specialists Offer National Coverage

If you prefer to deal with a local based employment law consultancy we have an extensive network of employment law specialists situated throughout the UK. Our consultants are always on call and will be happy to arrange a face to face meeting.

Have A Problem Our Employment Law Consultants Can Help With?

If you are currently experiencing an employment law issue within your organisation, arranging an onsite appointment with an Avensure employment law consultant is a great way of resolving the current problem fast. To arrange an appointment all you need to do is simply click on the below button and fill in the corresponding contact form, we will do the rest – no obligation.

Need More Information About Employment Law Protection or Want a Call Back?

We like to think we offer the best employment law advisory services available in the UK. If you are intesterest to find out why and also request a quotation, please click here to arrange a call back from one of our team.

One of our highly qualified and experienced employment law specialists will call you back straightway and answer any questions you may have.

Find Out More About Our Employment Law Advisory Service

A great way to find out more about the Avensure employment law services and the different areas of our employment law consultancy services we offer which will benefit your HR department the most is to get in touch with us. We are highly confident if you are seeking informative information relating to employment law for employers and are interested in understanding Avensure’s processes further and how we partner with businesses throughout the UK.

Why Choose Avensure For Your Employment Law Advisory Service?

Put succinctly, we are great at what we do and that’s offering an all encompassing employment law consultancy which UK businesses can rely on and fully trust. We take an ethical and pragmatic approach to every piece of employment law advice we provide our clients. We also make sure that our employment law service includes all the vital elements needed to provide an all in one solution while at the same time making sure our service is highly affordable incorporating a manageable fixed monthly fee.

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More about Avensure’s Employment Law Services

Here at Avensure, we are highly accomplished experts in the field of employment law services which is reinforced by our extensive industry knowledge working in HR outsourcing and Health and Safety sectors for many years. We are highly passionate about all aspects of employment law and have the expertise to provide the most detailed and accurate information available in the industry.

Information integrity is absolutely vital in the employment law service industry – Poor unqualified information costs our clients money, and therefore devalues our service as a human resource specialist.

Our legal team are handpicked from the best in the business and all have a great understanding of employment law for employers. We also invest heavily in staff training and development making sure the Avensure team are at the forefront of the latest trends and developments with the employment law consultancy service sector. We are also the recipients of the Investors in People Gold Award, which signifies our engaged approach to empowering staff and team building.

Employment Law Help Faqs

As long as your organisation follows the employment law advice we have provided in full and should we lose the tribunal, the compensatory award will be paid by the insurance. However Avensure will cover the costs of the legal proceeding and the legal representation which is part of our unique guarantee. Which means that whatever happens we have always got your back!

Yes, our employment law advisory service provides a dedicated advisor for every client we work with. Not only that but you will also receive your own dedicated team made up of a dedicated HR Advisor, dedicated documentation consultant and dedicated legal advocate. All working together on your behalf to ensure you receive the best possible employment law advice for employers and making sure you’re always one step ahead of any employment issues which arise.

Our employment law consultants can usually get contracts completed within 30 days, however the timeframe does very much depend on yourself and availability. However, if we can spend time with you in person and you’re able to proactively send drafts back to us quickly along with any amendments if required, we can sometimes get the contract completed within 48 hours.

Avensure provides all the employment law documentation needed specific to your unique business which includes:

  1. Fully up to date and compliant employment law company hand book.
  2. Our employment law consultants will prepare staff contracts for all the staff within your organisation. Which will their individual roles and titles specific to the agreed needs of your business and trading style.
  3. Our employment law consultancy services will provide ongoing documentation and letters for every staff issue which arises. We will also write each one for you, drafted and sent to you, thus saving you time.

Note: We do not hand out templates to our clients. We tailor all our documentation to the individual situation and unique needs of your business and whatever staff issues you are experiencing.

Unlike most other employment law firms who operate in the UK, our employment law services for employers are covered  by a comprehensive insurance policy. Because of this we are regulated by the FCA which also means we must meet with all clients before providing a quotation. As we need to determine if we can meet specific employment law needs and requirements of each individual business before providing a quote.  

The cost of our employment law consultancy services are also determined by company size, number of employees, size of payroll as well as any specific requirements which fall outside of our standard employment law consultancy processes. 


If your interested in exploring our service further please contact us and a highly knowledgeable Avensure employment law consultant will pay you a visit within 24 hours. We guarantee meeting one of our consultants will be a worthwhile exercise and it will also give you peace of mind meeting one of our staff face to face. 

If you are currently in the market and looking for an employment law service we highly recommend that you avoid any employment law firm who is providing a quote over the phone without meeting in person beforehand.

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