Agricultural Health and Safety & Farm Health and Safety Risk Assessment Consultancy Services

Farming health and safety is paramount for the well-being of your employees, livestock, and farming business. Avensure’s agricultural health and safety consultancy has been providing farm health and safety support for well over a decade and has a vast amount of experience supporting farm health and safety risk assessment processes across the UK. Our Manchester-based team of knowledgable agricultural health and safety consultants bring a breath of fresh air to health and safety on farms. They will help you formulate a farm health and safety policy that will protect your business against any untimely eventuality you may encounter in the future while providing unbeatable farm health and safety advice 24/7.

Our Agricultural Health and Safety Consultants Can Help You Meet Your HSE Farm Safety Requirements

 We are sure you agree that it’s essential for any farm or agricultural business to protect its staff and any visitors from potentially dangerous farm health and safety situations at all times. This is true now more than ever, given that horticulture health and safety involves a lot more agricultural health and safety regulations and legislation than in the past. Avensure’s farm health and safety support team are here to help and guide you to compliance. We will create a checklist that will steer you towards successfully submitting your farm safety risk assessment while making the whole process clear beforehand. Be reassured that our professional farm health and safety consultancy will always go the extra mile to make sure you are fully compliant. 

If you wish to achieve farm health and safety compliance, you must follow our consultants’ farm health and safety advice and instructions. So you meet the ridged requirements of HSE farm safety, Avesnure will provide an onsite agricultural health and safety evaluation of your farm or agricultural business premises. We will then provide a detailed report and recommendations you can implement to support your assessment submission. The onus is still on you to submit a successful farm health and safety risk assessment.

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Arrange an Onsite Visit to Evaluate Your Farm Safety Risk Assessment with Avensure’s UK Wide Service

Health and safety in the agricultural industry can be a challenge. But Avensure’s onsite farm health and safety evaluation process will make it much easier. Our agricultural health and safety consultants need to understand your business and interpret health and safety hazards found on your farm; this is why we need to visit your premises. Once fully understanding the farming health and safety challenges your business faces, our consultants will be able to provide a unique perspective and give you detailed and concise farm health and safety advice. Once we have a full overview of your business premises, we can provide you with clear guidance, recommendations, and support to help you successfully submit your farm health and safety risk assessment and be fully compliant.

Conducting the best possible safety measures in farm operations is one of the most important aspects of running a farm. Our farm health and safety evaluation audit will help identify any shortcomings of your current agricultural health and safety checklist and make your horticulture workplace health and safety operations much safer.

Worried About Your Current Farm Health and Safety Policy? Speak to Our Expert Agricultural Health and Safety Consultants Today!

Avensure is proud to give our farming clients indispensable farming health and safety advice that will not be found elsewhere, alongside a truly effective service within the sphere of health and safety in agriculture. Our diligent agricultural health and safety consultants work hard every day to learn more about the intricate aspects of agricultural health and safety and offer unmatched service to our clients.

If you are keen to maintain an excellent farming health and safety record, then there is no time better to work with Avensure, one of the UK’s most highly regarded agricultural health and safety risk assessment support companies.  Our team will discuss health and safety on farms with you and your staff and review the critical aspects of your farming health and safety. You will receive the best possible farm health and safety support, including a detailed set of suggestions and recommendations to implement before commencing with your own agricultural health and safety risk assessment.

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With a Decade of Experience Working in Agriculture and Horticulture Health and Safety Consultancy, We Are Ideally Placed to Help Your Business

Before undertaking any farm safety risk assessment, you could not make a more astute move than to engage Avensure for your agricultural health and safety. Our farm health and safety consultancy experts will go the extra distance in helping you to prepare for your agricultural risk assessment while making sure you are 100% prepared before performing your agriculture health and safety assessment.

Our team is entirely up to date with the latest farm health and safety policy requirements and will impart the industry’s most informative agricultural health and safety knowledge. Once our horticulture health and safety team member has conducted an extensive analysis uncovering potential farm health and safety issues and opportunities for improvements, we will provide a detailed report. The report will detail highly practical horticulture workplace health and safety tips and advice to enhance your farm operations safety measures.

Don’t Become Another Statistic & Protect Your Business with Avensure’s Agricultural Health and Safety Consultancy Service Today!

No other company offering farm safety risk assessment support service has more knowledge around health and safety on farms or is more hard-working for their clients than Avensure. Our agricultural health and safety consultants are experts in HSE farm safety support and will seek out and note even the most insignificant details in their health and safety in agriculture analysis. We always make sure all farm health and safety risks and hazards are highlighted, and control measures are implemented.

In the lead-up to your farm health and safety risk assessment, we want to help you be prepared and maximize your success chance. Avensure is highly passionate about health and safety on farms; we will work efficiently and conscientiously to ensure your agricultural risk assessment passes smoothly and without issue. Our results speak for themselves, so book your onsite farm health and safety evaluation today without delay!

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I have a small cleaning business and employ under 10 staff, whilst at first it seemed like a big outlay for such a small business, the return has been so valuable!! I’ve had priceless help and support already on a couple of outsourced HR enquiries from my contact, Maryam. I’ve also had a visit from an independent Health and Safety assessor who too gave me an insight into an area that I’m not too familiar with. Still very early days, but so far so good, and I’ve already recommended them to a friend of mine!

Farm Health and Safety FAQs

Although a robust and thorough working farm health and safety policy can mitigate many farming health and safety issues, it is still a number one priority to diligently focus on health and safety in the agricultural industry with a discerning eye. It doesn’t take an expert to see that the hazards and risks of working in agriculture are significant. There are a staggering number of elements to consider, from industrial machinery and chemicals to unpredictable animal behaviour. Avensure is here to guarantee that our sharp-eyed agricultural health and safety consultancy team will locate all aspects of agriculture and horticulture workplace health and safety that need addressing at your business’s location/premises. This is essential at any time and especially so in preparation for an agricultural health and safety risk assessment.

As it represents one of the most potentially hazardous working environments, farm health and safety must be taken seriously. The primary health and safety in the agricultural industry include workers operating dangerous machinery or powering over-sized vehicles with hazardous surfaces and attachments, being exposed to hazardous dangerous chemicals or unpredictable livestock and working at height or near pits and silos. Agricultural sector workers are also constantly exposed to the effects of bad weather, noise and excessive dust.  It’s imperative that these areas are highlighted and accounted for during an agricultural health and safety risk assessment,  and that is when we have you covered. All of those farm safety risks can be identified. Many of them can be dealt with using a focused strategy to formulate a rock-solid farm health and safety policy backed by a detailed agricultural risk assessment. These things are the bread and butter of the team at Avensure, and no other agricultural health and safety consultants will work harder to highlight and diminish those risks.

As with any business or location that contains people in some capacity, agricultural sites are held to account by strict agriculture health and safety requirements and an annual farm health and safety risk assessment to ensure compliance. Avensure will dry-run that farm safety risk assessment to evaluate health and farming health and safety issues and farm safety hazards on behalf of our clients and then make recommendations on a consultancy basis. 

Avensure will provide you with all the farm health and safety support you need in the form of a highly professional, dedicated farm health and safety consultancy team who will advise you and navigate you through all of the official agriculture and horticulture health and safety guidelines which need implementing at your business premises before your upcoming farm risk assessment submission.

When it comes to agricultural health and safety, the health and safety act makes it clear that agricultural employers are responsible for all aspects of health and safety on farms and the general well-being of their staff. This also applies to anyone else who might be on their premises at any time and due to the dangerous nature of many agricultural settings it is important to speak to Avensure and let us break down the hazards and scenarios you need to consider moving forwards. We will inform you of any new additions to HSE farm safety or any amendments that need to be implemented. The health and safety in agriculture guidelines are specific and complex and we are here to smoothly lead you through all the safety measures in farm operations you must abide by.

Contact Avensure Today for the Best Farm Health and Safety Support Available in the UK

Health and safety in the agricultural industry is the life-blood of Avensure. It is subject to a particularly stringent set of rules, and that intensity is constantly increasing. It makes sense to cover all the bases and get the best farm health and safety advice you can trust. Arrange an appointment for our professional farm safety risk assessment evaluation team to visit your location and provide excellent agricultural health and safety consultant services and unrivaled farm health and safety support. 

Before any farm health and safety risk assessment, let Avensure take the stress and extra workload off your shoulders. Let us guide you through all the necessary steps that need to be taken to be fully compliant with government farm health and safety policy. You will be glad you turned to us for help, and that’s our promise to you.

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