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Managing a non-profit or charity can be one of the most fulfilling jobs in any sector, but it comes with its own challenges. Charity HR and Health and Safety laws are the same as for any other employer, but as a nonprofit, you do not have the same financial resources to dedicate to an in-house HR advisor as you would in other sectors. Avensure’s charity HR services offer an affordable solution to all your HR needs, giving you a dedicated advisor and 24-hour phone support. Get in touch or read on to learn more about our nonprofit HR consulting service.

HR Support for Charities, Voluntary and Community Organisations You Can Trust

Finding the right help can be difficult for everyone, but especially so for a charity or community organisation operating in the voluntary sector. When you are reliant on volunteers or cannot offer the same financial incentives that a business can, it is often difficult to find and retain staff. But you can always count on the charity HR advice that you get from the team at Avensure. We provide an industry-leading outsourced charity human resources consultancy with a decade of experience providing high-quality and affordable HR support for charities and businesses alike.

Being a nonprofit does not mean you are exempted from providing a safe and harassment-free workplace, so whether you are a local voluntary community organisation or a national charity with a large team of volunteers, it is important that you work in accordance with charity employment law at all times. Avensure is committed to providing HR advice for charities that you can trust, whatever that is and whenever you need it.

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Experts in Charity Employment Law & Managing Human Resources for Nonprofits

Trying to navigate your way around charity employment law or making decisions about human resources and staffing comes with no small amount of pressure. Even a small missed step in hiring or firing can be grounds for an employment tribunal, so correctly managing human resources for nonprofits is vital. That’s why Avensure’s team includes excellent and highly qualified charity employment solicitors who know all the intricate details surrounding charity employment law. Whether it is writing up contracts for new employees, formalising training or ensuring proper health and safety is being followed during your day to day operations, Avensure’s charity employment law service will make sure you are always in compliance with the government regulations, and that nonprofit human resources best practices are always being followed in your organisation.

All of our advice and suggestions are delivered one-to-one so you speak to the same group of professionals every time you have a query or need charity HR advice. This helps us get to know you and your organisation so that we can get a better understanding of your needs and pre-empt any problems.

Remove Any Stress with Avensure’s HR Services for Charity Organisations Backed Up by Our Team of Expert Charity Employment Lawyers

Working in a charity or nonprofit should be rewarding – you are working to give back to a community, not just to increase profit for the company. However, when you are spending all day trying to understand the rules around HR for non profits, it can quickly turn from a dream job into a nightmare. But just because HR for nonprofits needs to be considered does not mean that it needs to be your task, and with Avensure’s affordable HR services for charities, you can leave all the complicated and stressful legal matters to our expert charity employment lawyers.

With our team making sure all the legal HR requirements are being met, you can turn your full, undivided attention back to the charity’s aims, spending more time on the project and pushing forward the values that drew you to the job in the first place. Contact us today to find out more about our charity HR services.

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Contact Our Charity Employment Law Consultants Today & Receive the Best Charity Human Resources Advice

Avensure provides complete, affordable and accessible nonprofit HR solutions. Our monthly fixed-fee packages include a dedicated lead advisor, continual support and documentation, and a free 24-hour employment law phone service, which means that HR support for charities is never far away. Maybe you were working into the early hours of the morning when an issue was raised, or someone brought a sexual harassment issue to your attention over a weekend coffee; when you want to take action immediately, Avensure’s charity human resources consultants are available. No matter what time of day it is or if it is a public holiday, you can get the best HR advice for charities just by picking up the phone. Since our charity HR helpline is completely free of charge, you can take the time to explain the situation in detail to our charity HR consultants without having to worry about how much it will cost. Call our experienced charity employment law consultants today to receive the best possible HR advice for charities.

Avensure’s HR Services for Nonprofits With Over a Decade of Experience

When you choose Avensure’s nonprofit HR solutions, you are choosing a company with over 10 years of experience providing employment law consultancy and advisory services and comprehensive online compliance training for employers and managers. Avensure is an industry leader in outsourced charity HR because our brilliant staff possess the highest qualifications combined with years of experience, and everyone on our team cares about your organisation and wants to help you get fast and effective results. Whether you are a business or nonprofit, human resources management is vital, so it makes sense to get expert help.

At Avensure, we have been providing HR services for charities and businesses alike across the UK and have helped over 4000 businesses meet their HR and health and safety obligations over the years. No matter where you are based, our HR services for nonprofits is available to you, giving you a cost-effective way to meet your statutory legal obligations while saving you valuable time.

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‘ Professional, prompt, thorough and excellent service by Tracy Kilby ‘ 

Best in the business. We have been Avensure’s clients for four years now and highly recommend them to all businesses. Professional, prompt, and excellent service provided recently by Tracy Kilby (Employment Law Consultant).  Tracy has been amazing throughout. A big thank you to Tracy!

Charity Employment Law & Outsourced HR for Charities FAQs

HR consultants are hired by businesses and charities alike, as a dedicated HR advisor can be expensive to hire. By using an outsourced nonprofit HR consulting team, charities, small enterprises and even larger organisations can get expert advice, help with documentation and contracts, and ongoing support at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house charity employment lawyers. Avensure can attest that nonprofits often hire HR consultants, as we have been providing HR advice for charities for over a decade.

A member of a charity, sometimes called a trustee or director, can also be an employee of the charity. However, when approaching this from the point of view of nonprofit human resources, best practices would be to show that having a member of the charity as an employee is in the best interests of the charity and that the conflict of interest can be managed. Call Avensure for HR advice for charities if you are in this situation and we can help guide you through the necessary steps.

Charity human resources management focuses on planning, coordinating, and directing the administrative functions of a charity or nonprofit. Charity HR teams manage recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of new staff and the dismissal or departure of other staff. HR in a charity will consult with managers and board members on planning, and ensure that the company is providing a safe and harassment-free environment. HR also takes care of employment contracts and employee salaries or payments. Need expert HR advice for charities?  Call the Avensure charity HR helpline today.

While not-for-profits and charities often rely heavily on volunteers, many also have part-time or full-time employees on staff to manage crucial functions. The only difference between HR for businesses and HR for nonprofits is that businesses often have significantly more financial resources to dedicate to their HR department. Otherwise managing human resources for nonprofits is the same as in any other business: contracts must be legal, staff must be adequately compensated, and bullying and harassment must be investigated, along with many other considerations

Looking for a Reliable Charity HR Consultancy Service? Speak to an Avensure Specialist Today!

Avensure provides UK-wide charity employment law consultancy services for employers and managers through cost-effective monthly fixed-fee packages to ensure you don’t miss out on anything due to budgetary issues. If you find yourself needing an outsourced HR consulting service, expert HR employment law advice, or even health and safety consulting but do not have the budget to hire a dedicated member of staff then Avensure’s charity HR consultancy service is perfect for you. Affordable and accessible, Avensure makes managing human resources for nonprofits easy by taking care of all of the legal heavy lifting, giving you more time to focus on the good work that your organisation is doing. To have Avensure provide nonprofit HR consulting for your charity or to learn more about how our service works, get in touch with us online or give us a call right away. We’ll be in touch to learn a little about your organisation and provide you with a highly competitive quote for all of our nonprofit HR solutions.

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