Gym Health and Safety & Gym Risk Assessment Service

In a gym or leisure centre environment where customers are exercising without supervision, it is easy to think you do not need to take much action, but as the owner or manager, both your staff and customers’ well-being is your responsibility. Being mindful of gym health and safety means ensuring equipment is safe, that your staff are trained, and that new users are correctly inducted. It is especially important because customers are not under constant supervision. Get in touch with us at Avensure for a gym risk assessment service and training materials to ensure your centre is compliant with HSE regulations.

Reduce Risks & Hazards While Meeting Your Gym and Leisure Centre Health and Safety Responsibilities

Ensuring you follow proper health and safety in the gym is required not just by law but to keep everyone on the premises safe. Numerous hazards in a gym environment can cause an incident/accident, from improper use of heavy weights and machinery to the risk of dehydration or heat stroke. If your gym or leisure centre also has a swimming pool or sauna facilities, there are even more ways that customers or staff could get hurt. 

By following guidelines for health and safety in leisure centres and gyms, you can reduce these risks through a combination of proper procedures, staff training, and the provision of safety equipment and first aid. Along with keeping clients and staff safe and reducing the possibility of an injury, you will be meeting gym regulations for health and safety, meaning that you are safe from fines and legal action by HSE in the event of an incident.

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Let the Consultants at Avensure Help You Achieve Compliance With Gym Health and Safety Regulations

Navigating your way through the various hazards in a gym facility and understanding what action you need to take to satisfy gym health and safety regulations can be confusing. When you are running a business and pressed for time, it can seem like too much, and that is where Avensure can help. By taking advantage of our leisure centre and gym health and safety consulting service, you can focus on other matters and hand over the complex legal work to our expert team. With decades of experience providing an outsourced HR and Health and Safety consulting service, we can help you quickly identify and address any areas where your gym is falling short of HSE requirements. With Avensure handling everything from the risk assessment to providing gym health and safety training materials, you know that everything is taken care of and that your gym is operating both legally and safely.

Identify All Health and Safety Hazards with Avensure’s Gym Risk Assessment Service Wherever You Are Based In The UK

Health and safety in the gym starts with a full assessment of all of the hazards and risks that could cause an injury to your staff or customers. Identifying all hazards in a gym risk assessment is not a difficult task, but it is one that needs attention to detail and a firm understanding of what hazards you need to highlight. While everyone will note the danger of incorrect weight machine use, those without risk assessment training will often skip over more minor hazards like slips and trips or poor ventilation.

Avensure’s health and safety services start with a detailed on-site gym risk assessment. During this audit, one of our health and safety experts will come to your premises. Following our extensive gym inspection checklist will highlight areas you need to take action or improve your gym health and safety policy. With a vast network of consultants, it doesn’t matter where in the UK you are located; we can get someone to you quickly.

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Our Service is Backed with Comprehensive Gym Health and Safety Training Materials, Expert Consulting & Supporting Documents

After all the hazards in a gym facility have been identified, the next step is to take action and put in place safeguards to reduce the possibility of an accident occurring and reduce the severity of an accident. The first step is providing detailed gym health and safety training materials for you and your team. As you go through the training materials, we address everything highlighted in the risk assessment and how you can rectify any problems.

As part of Avensure’s service, we also provide ongoing gym health and safety advice and support. That includes training materials, a 24-hour phone line and a dedicated advisor for your business. Our team will give you straight-forward, friendly and honest advice at all times, so whether you need to discuss your existing gym health and safety rules or you plan to expand part of your gym and have a question about the hazards you need to take into account, you can call us for a quick answer.

Being Regulatory Compliant for Health and Safety in Leisure Centres & Gyms is Essential for Your Staff & Customer’s Safety & Your Reputation

Proper procedures around health and safety in leisure centres are essential to keep you in compliance with HSE regulations. Still, most importantly, they are about keeping your staff and customers safe. There are many hazards in a gym facility, including:
  • Slips or falls as a result of equipment not being returned to racks or spilt water not being mopped up
  • Fire from flammable materials, overloading of power plugs or even towels left on a sauna rack
  • Moving parts on machinery like the belts on treadmills
  • Biological hazards caused by poor hygiene, such as not wiping down equipment after use
Just because your customers are often exercising under their initiative does not mean health and safety in a fitness environment is less important. Your customers and staff trust you to provide a safe environment, and there is an expectation that you pay attention to their health and well-being.
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We haven’t been using Avensure for very long but the service received from our dedicated consultant has been excellent. Queries are always answered in a way we can understand and learn from. Having Avensure on had to discuss things with provides peace of mind and that we are going to be given accurate information.

Gym Health and Safety FAQ’s

For anyone trying to understand gym health and safety regulations, the most important thing is to follow the official HSE guidelines. For help understanding these documents, expert advice, as we provide at Avensure, can be vital. Get in touch with us about our gym health and safety consulting service, and we’ll make sure your gym follows the legislation correctly.

Identifying hazards in a gym risk assessment involves looking at what has the potential to cause an injury or incident and how severe that injury or incident would be. It is used as a basis for trying to eliminate a hazard, such as replacing a frayed cable on a machine or minimising the risk, such as making sure all customers are correctly instructed on the use of machinery.

Carrying out a gym risk assessment is done by using one or more of the following methods:

  • Physical inspection: Walk around the gym with the aid of a gym inspection checklist and identify the hazards to ensure everything is safe.
  • Analysing tasks: Follow the tasks of a specific job, for example, a cleaner or fitness instructor and identify hazards that come up as the person works.
  • Investigating accidents: If an incident occurs, it is helpful to investigate and identify anything that may have been overlooked in previous risk assessments.

Avensure’s gym risk assessment service is the best option if you want to make sure all hazards are identified correctly the first time around.

Gym health and safety is essential as it keeps your staff and customers safe from injury. Proper procedures also protect your business, as an inadequate gym health and safety policy can see you taken to an employment tribunal, sued by customers, or closed your gym. There are many potential hazards in a gym facility. As an employer and business owner, it is your responsibility to take appropriate steps to reduce the likelihood of an incident occurring.

Interested in Avensure’s Gym Health and Safety Consulting or Need a Risk Assessment Carried Out for Your Leisure Centre?

If you’re struggling to understand the gym requirements for health and safety or just want to make sure you have considered every aspect of health and safety in a gym environment, then get in touch with Avensure. We have helped over 3000 clients across various industries get their businesses compliant with HSE regulations. We provide complete HR outsourcing solutions and outstanding health and safety consulting services to companies across the country. We help with contracts, advice, guidance and of course, health and safety solutions so that every aspect of your business is in line with regulations, keeping your business legal and your staff and customers safe.

With Avensure’s help, health and safety in a gym environment is easy. Just send us an enquiry, and we’ll be in touch to arrange a comprehensive gym risk assessment and provide a quotation for our gym health and safety consulting services.

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