Free 24 Hour Health and Safety Helpline Keeping Businesses Safe & Compliant

As a small or medium-sized enterprise, you must keep your staff, clients and customers safe in accordance with current legislation. Avensure’s health and safety helpline for employers allows you to have a dedicated advisor who knows their way around the complexities of current legislation, as well as an intimate understanding of your business and its needs without you needing to hire in an HR team or Health and Safety advisor. Our health and safety support for businesses will help you with writing contracts, preparing training, and setting up preventative solutions so you can save time and money and make your business compliant with employment law. Request a call back from our health and safety phone number team 24 hours a day today.

Avensure’s Prompt Health and Safety Advice Line will Help Keep Your Staff, Clients & Customers Safe

At Avensure, we are employment law specialists who have been providing advice to employers for over ten years. When you call our health and safety advice line, you speak to experts who understand the complexities of employment law and the real-world situations that arise in businesses. That means we can give you personalised advice to deal with issues before they cause a legal problem. Unlike other companies offering health and safety advice for employers, Avensure allocates your company a dedicated lead HR consultant to maintain a continuity of service and relationships. This makes things easier for you as you do not have to explain the situation repeatedly to someone else. Still, it also means that as you conduct your operations and expand your business, our team can better pre-empt potential pitfalls, allowing you to act quickly and keep your staff, clients and customers safe. For example, if we know you plan to expand a warehouse, we can be proactive in preparing a list of regulations you need to follow. When you call our health and safety helpline, the information you need is ready for you right away. Don’t delay, arrange a callback with our health and safety number or day or night!

Our 24 Hour Health & Safety Helpline Experts Could Save You Thousands in Legal Fees

At Avensure, our health and safety services are unique in the marketplace. We provide UK SMEs with the information they need to ensure ongoing compliance and provide complete protection to your company. When you follow our health and safety advice for employers, you are not only meeting your company’s legal health and safety obligations; our unique Employment Tribunal Insurance also covers you. This gives you full cover when defending an employment tribunal claim, covering both your legal fees and any damages payable. The average damages award in an employment tribunal is now over £17,000, and due to the increasing complexity of employment law tribunals, are more common than ever. By using Avensure’s services and following the advice from our H&S advice helpline, you are shielded from paying these high costs.

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Why use Avensure’s Free Health & Safety Advice Line for Employers?

Avensure’s free health and safety advice line is just one of many reasons to use our services. While a free 24 hr health and safety advice may not be something you are specifically looking for, it allows you to:

According to the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE), over 555,000 injuries occurred at work during the period of the Labour Force Survey. Having access to 24-hour health and safety advice for employers means you know what to look out for to ensure your staff, clients and customers are safe. Aside from protecting you from the legal and financial implications of an accident, keeping your team safe leaves you with a clean conscience as you will know you did everything correctly if the worst happens. Receive the health and safety support for employers you need by arranging a callaback with our H&S advice helpline team.

Avoid Health and Safety Prosecution Altogether with Avensure’s 24 Hour Health and Safety Helpline

There are hefty fines for being found negligible on health and safety. It is important to remember that health and safety fines are rarely handed out unless a claim has been made by someone who has been involved in an accident. That means, as well as the penalty fine from HSE, ignoring our free health and safety advice line for employers can lead to costly legal fees as you fight the claim, compensation to an employee or client if they win, and lost time and productivity while you are dealing with the health and safety prosecution. Avensure’s health and safety support for business can help you avoid all of this hassle by getting your workplace compliant with health and safety laws quickly and efficiently through a personalised action plan with simple, specific steps for you to take.

Significantly Reduce the Cost Of Any Fines Imposed with Our H&S Advice Helpline

In 2016 UK businesses found guilty of a health and safety violation were fined an average of £115,000 each. By contrast, the cost of getting a business to be health and safety compliant was between £5,000 and £40,000. Had the companies taken advantage of a free health and safety helpline such as the one we offer at Avensure, those fines could have been reduced or avoided altogether. Because we provide 24-hour health and safety advice for employers, you will never be left wondering if something in your business is compliant or not – you can just pick up the phone and find out. If we tell you that something is not compliant with existing law, you can act on it immediately, avoiding a potentially expensive situation.

Call Our Health And Safety Telephone Number Today Whatever Challenges You are Facing

At Avensure, we understand that each day in a small business is unique, bringing new challenges that you may not know how to handle. This is especially true when it comes to health and safety. As your business evolves quickly, it can be a challenge to stay on top of health and safety requirements, and we operate a free health and safety helpline for employers for precisely this reason. No matter what time you need advice, you can call us. Our H&S advice helpline is open, and our team is ready to advise you on what steps to take to get your business compliant. That might mean delaying your next business steps until you have met the legal requirements for health and safety or putting up temporary signs or warnings to help avoid an accident. Get in touch with Avensure at any time of the day, and we’ll give you the correct health and safety advice for employers so you can stay legal and keep your clients and employees safe. Simply arrange a callback with the Avensure Health and Safety helpline today for immediate support and useful advice – giving you the health and safety help your businesses need.

Health and Safety Advice Line for Employers FAQs

In 2016 UK businesses found guilty of a health and safety violation were given an average fine of £115,000. That figure does not include any damages, compensation, or legal fees. Personal injury compensation can easily add another £10,000 or more to the cost, so a health and safety prosecution can quickly become extremely expensive for a small or medium-sized business. There is no need to risk prosecution, however. Simply take advantage of our free over-the-phone H&S advice for employers. You can get every aspect of your business compliant and avoid the costly fees involved with a prosecution.

Health and safety guidelines are a set of procedures, actions, and safeguards that need to be followed in your business or office to reduce the risk of an accident. That can be putting up warning signs, setting up cable management, or following daily checklists on sanitation. Exact guidelines are extremely numerous and vary depending on your business, industry and activities. For specific steps, call our free health and safety advice line. Our 24-hour health and safety advice for employers can be the difference between a regular, productive day and someone having an accident, claiming compensatory damages and your company receiving a fine from the HSE.

Yes. Not being compliant with health and safety regulations is not only an offence that will result in prosecution and costly legal proceedings, but it’s also essential to keep your staff and clients safe and protected. Our health and safety advice for employers is designed to be simple to understand making it easy to act. This creates a safer environment for your team and customers while also ensuring you are safe from a legislative standpoint and not at risk of prosecution.

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