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HR support for the logistics industry has an extensive remit with many varied and specific challenges. Any company that opts to outsource logistics HR services to Avensure can rest assured that all considerations have been made to tackle the complexities they entail, from supply chain HR to logistics HR advice. HR in the logistics industry is understandably regulated strictly. Any logistics HR policies must encompass everything from the challenges of organising employees involved in land, sea, and air transportation to controlling shift movements and training schedules. HR transport support is at hand, and our team will give you logistics HR advice of the highest order.

Transport & Logistics Human Resources Advice & Support which Never Lets You Down

HR Personnel working in the logistics industry are aware that they will be expected to operate independently in constantly changing environments and locations. Therefore,  HR in the logistics industry is demanding, and it’s essential for maintaining team cohesion and morale. HR in transport is not just limited to the driver’s schedule and ensuring they don’t exceed the safe limit in driving hours. They have to know where to go, what documents are required, what they are carrying, and the list goes on. HR logistics systems can be put in place to facilitate all of this, but it can be an imposing task to the newcomer. Professional HR support for the logistics industry can positively impact your transport and logistics operation, and Avensure is the key to igniting that positive impact. Avensure is an HR and logistics master who can break down your requirements for HR in the transport industry into manageable chunks and give you the logistics HR support you need to get everything on track and running smoothly.


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HR support for the logistics industry comes as an incredible relief to many who experience it. It usually means that they are struggling by themselves and are ready to reach out for rescue. When you speak to a team member here at Avensure and inquire about whether to outsource logistics HR services, we firmly believe that it would be in your best interests to do so. This decision will be one of the most beneficial you will ever make on behalf of your staff and owners and preserve your mental health and future productivity. HR in logistics serves as the link between the management team and the other employees and is especially important during times of crisis or dispute. This is where Avensure is particularly useful and has a talented group of employment lawyers who can assist at any time needed.

HR in the transport industry is not to be taken lightly and can quickly become too much to handle by yourself. Even a professional group focusing solely on it can struggle if they don’t have the necessary systems and information. Avensure will take all that and give you and your hard-working team all the logistics HR support they need for as long as it is required.

For the Best Transport & Logistics HR Help in the UK, You Can’t Go Wrong with Avensure’s Outsourced Logistics HR Support.

HR and logistics go hand in hand naturally, as one cannot logically function without the other. Employees working in logistics are required to keep the wheels moving across the supply chain. This can only be achieved with administrative assistance and team-focused organisation with HR in the logistics industry. Dealing with unpleasant but essential issues such as allegations of sexual harassment or discrimination in the workplace can be traumatic. But, Avensure is here to offer you logistics HR support and 24-hour access to our employment lawyers to protect you and your staff and handle any eventuality. Avensure’s logistics HR consulting service is eager to give you all the outsourced logistics HR support your operation needs. We will make the most useful, practical HR supply chain recommendations they can once they have a complete understanding of your bespoke requirements. Our logistics human resources support experts are all highly respected, trained individuals who will take your company’s logistics HR policies to the next level with your help and cooperation.


HR for Supply Chain & Logistic Companies Can Be Challenging, Receive Free Advice Today from Our Logistics HR Consultants

Even the smallest logistic companies would benefit from logistics HR help from the country’s leading minds. We have yet to come across a business with no HR discrepancies or errors that could not be rectified with the assistance of our logistics HR consulting service.

The value of logistics HR support cannot be stated strongly enough. Falling out of compliance with the stringent legal requirements surrounding supply chain HR is not an option, as it could potentially cost you thousands in legal fees. Time and money spent optimising HR in the transport industry can never be wasted. The potential losses associated with employee accidents/mistakes and the fines incurred for failing to comply with the required legislation would be more costly. When you outsource logistics HR services to Avensure, you are putting yourself in the hands of a team of people that have fought hard to get where they are and do not intend to rest on their laurels.

Expert HR Support for the Transport Sector Which You Can Trust

Looking for logistics HR consultants services  you can have total faith in or simply want to discuss exactly what to expect when you outsource logistics HR services to Avensure?  We consider ourselves the best in the business for good reason and would love to show you why. Our expert logistics HR consultants will give you top-quality logistics HR advice that is squarely based on the most recent studies and analyses of our ongoing HR support for the logistics industry. Our service is backed by years and years of hard work and experience working in the HR transport and HR logistics sectors, which gives us the necessary insight to help steer your logistic HR processes in the right direction. Contact Avensure today and receive the HR support for the transport sector you desperately need.

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‘ Professional, prompt, thorough and excellent service by Tracy Kilby ‘ 

Best in the business. We have been Avensure’s clients for four years now and highly recommend them to all businesses. Professional, prompt, and excellent service provided recently by Tracy Kilby (Employment Law Consultant).  Tracy has been amazing throughout. A big thank you to Tracy!

Logistics HR & HR in the Transport Industry FAQs

It would not be an exaggeration to say that HR in the logistics industry is possibly the most essential aspect of its existence. Covering, as it does, everything from the health and safety of those people working in the loading facilities to the drivers themselves and being responsible for ensuring they are compliant with all the required HR logistics paperwork and governmental standards. There is no escaping it – HR and logistics are inextricably linked most fundamentally and cannot function separately. Logistics human resources are second nature to Avensure’s logistics HR consultants. Once they are given the green light to spring into action, they will provide the best-outsourced logistics support available in the UK. They will support your HR supply chain issues and provide unparalleled logistics HR advice speedily and systematically.

The short answer to this is – ‘probably, yes’. As the UK’s number one experts in HR in the transport industry, Avensure are yet to come across a company that did not need HR support for the transport sector to at least some degree. It is true, of course, that many long-established, successful logistical and transport companies are very well aware of their HR transport responsibilities and would pass any HR logistics assessment. Still, there is no such thing as ‘perfect’ in such a complex and ever-changing industry. Any help you can get is a step in the right direction as far as we’re concerned. If you choose to outsource logistics HR services to Avensure, you will be guaranteeing yourself the absolute maximum logistics HR support you can get.

HR and logistics are in a constant state of flux and movement, trying to find the right balance between themselves. The logistical side of operations requires the involvement of logistics HR help to function, and that can never change. Imagine trying to arrange a shipment from one continent to another from scratch without the participation of logistics HR support? It couldn’t be done, but the challenge lies in supporting the other and not overwhelming it. Avensure can help you meet any HR challenges head-on and will help protect you against any repercussions surrounding employee tribunals, cases of unfair dismissal, or any other HR-related scenario for an affordable monthly fee.

Many laws and restrictions cover the logistics industry. One of the critical jobs of logistics HR is to ensure that all employment laws are being strictly and carefully adhered to and that the company is never in breach of them, risking fines and other sanctions. Avensure is always ahead of the game regarding HR in the transport industry when keeping an eye on any changes in the law, but the main restriction is in the number of hours that any individual can drive for. Currently, that stands at no more than 90 hours per fortnight in strictly regulated chunks but may change and, if it does, Avensure will be among the first to know.

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Avensure is the UK’s number one logistics HR consulting service. It will breathe life into your supply chain HR and revitalise any tired and inadequate logistics HR policies so that you will wonder how you ever coped before. HR and logistics are inseparable, and when they are working in harmony, the life of a logistics business owner can become a lot less stressful. When staff are happy and performing to their maximum capacity, they can become less stressed and performance increases. When employers choose Avensurue’s logistics human resources support, they are making an informed and sensible decision that will positively impact their business and the working conditions, team culture and working environment for their staff. It is a win-win scenario that can save the employer thousands in potential legal fees with unparalleled employment law advice if you do have any issues to face, such as tribunals or employment hearings. Speak to one of our logistics HR consultants today and learn more about Avensure’s outsourced logistics HR support service.

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