Engineering Health and Safety Support & Engineering Workshop Risk Assessment Advice

When it comes to health and safety, engineering is an industry that poses risks almost unrivalled by any other industry in the UK. Health and safety in engineering workshops is absolutely paramount to avoid serious injury to your employees. Considering the amount of machinery that requires a high level of skill to operate, your company’s engineering health and safety policies have to be airtight. Avensure is here to help by auditing your premises and identifying any severe issues or hazards so you can perform a proper engineering workshop risk assessment. Contact us today for expert engineering health and safety advice.

The Importance of Health and Safety Regulations in Engineering Can Never Be Understated

Owning and operating an engineering-based business poses its own unique set of challenges, day in and day out. Ensuring that engineering health and safety guidelines are followed to the letter is not a choice; it’s compulsory. While you are operating multiple teams, making sure that your product is delivered on deadline, and just keeping up with day to day business – an HSE inspector can arrive at any time. Avensure can help your team understand current health and safety regulations in engineering that will be necessary in preparing your risk assessment. Engineering health and safety in your company must be handled with the utmost attention to detail. Anything you miss in your policies could cause serious injury and lead your company into a major legal situation. You can rely on Avensure’s engineering health and safety support to not only help you make sure your workshop is safe but also that your company is following all HSE regulations and operating within the law.

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Avoid Engineering Hazards with Avensure’s Expert Engineering Health and Safety Consultancy Service

At Avensure, our engineering health and safety consultants are there to give you the expert advice that can help your company breathe while preparing your risk assessment. Engineering health and safety regulations in the United Kingdom are nothing if not complex, and our team is here to help you navigate those complexities. Whether your company needs aid in getting prepared for your health and safety in electrical engineering risk assessment or just needs a walkthrough of your engineering workshop to update policies – our engineering health and safety consultancy service is just a phone call away. Our goal is to make sure your company has everything it needs well in advance for your engineering workshop risk assessment. Engineering hazards are a reality, but when you are working every day in your workshop, it’s easy to overlook simple missteps that cause a serious issue. Contact us today and ask about our engineering health and safety service.

Stay Safe with Avensure’s Engineering Health and Safety Support & Avoid Paying Thousands in Legal Fees if the Worse Happens

Running an engineering workshop is by no means an easy task. Engineering hazards can range from how often you are changing your blades to how your workshop is arranged and more. Safety and health for engineers is something that comes down to proper policy and protocols being followed, even in your shops busiest of times. Having a well-designed emergency plan in place is imperative to be ready for any issue that may arise to protect your employees as well as your company. At Avensure, we can help your team with a workshop audit to make sure all engineering health and safety regulations are being followed, so you are ready to perform your risk assessment. Engineering workshops often have more than just tools to worry about; things such as hazardous chemicals and ventilation can pose a risk. We can help make sure all HSE guidelines are being met. Give us a call for top-level engineering health and safety support.


Need Engineering Workshop Risk Assessment Support? Our Engineering Health and Safety Consultants Can Help

Given the nature of engineering workshops, it is essential to have a continual plan for risk assessment. Engineering businesses are often changing depending on the work orders that are coming in and having a constantly up to date plan in place is imperative for the safety of your workers. Making sure that your company has minimised exposure to risk is an ongoing situation as hazards in engineering won’t always remain the same. Health and safety in an engineering workshop is much more than having an emergency plan in place; it’s also about identifying potential issues before a dangerous workplace accident occurs. Consistently keeping your staff up to date and trained on engineering health and safety regulations will help to minimise the possibility of a serious injury in the workshop. Having Avensure by your side to perform regular audits of the workshop will help give you peace of mind that you aren’t running afoul of the health and safety at work act. Engineering H & S professionals are just a phone call away, so contact us today!

We Offer Straightforward Engineering Health and Safety Advice Available 24/7 365 Days Per Year

Health and safety in the engineering workplace encompass every part of your company’s day to day operations. Every moment that your shop is open and someone is working, there is exposure to risk. So consistently having a workforce that is well trained on safety in the engineering industry is an important way to insulate your company as best as possible. While you and your management are busy running a fast-paced shop, it can be easy to overlook engineering hazards and other important issues regarding health and safety. Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and other forms are often done under the same roof, so having a professional in engineering workshop health and safety in your corner can put your mind at ease. With Avensure, our engineering health and safety support team is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help with any situation that may arise.

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I am so pleased I found this company to help me through a very difficult time I have been having with a member of staff. I have spoke to many members of the Avensure team and they are all approachable and reassuring. The knowledge they have is so helpful, and it is comforting to know that the legal support is there too and included in the subscription so no horrible solicitor bills, if it is ever needed, on top of paying for the excellent H R advice. My only regret is I wish I found this wonderful company earlier on. Can not recommend them enough.

Health and Safety Engineering FAQs

Health and safety in engineering workshops is paramount for many reasons. Engineering workshops revolve around tools that have an inherent risk of injury and must be operated by a professional. Often workshops will also be handling hazardous materials on a daily basis so it is important that companies frequently perform a risk assessment. Engineering health and safety regulations are guidelines presented by the Health and Safety Executive or HSE and must be strictly adhered to in order to operate a workshop within the law. It is common for an engineering workshop to enlist an engineering health and safety consultancy service in an ongoing role to make sure they operate within the law.

Hazards in engineering take on many forms depending on the type of workshop. There will be engineering hazards that are commonplace in a mechanical engineering facility that may not be present in other workshops dealing with hazardous materials for instance. Hazards can also arise from improper safety protocols that could have easily been avoided with an ongoing risk assessment. Engineering health and safety regulations are put in place to make sure that workshops are constantly on top of these hazards to minimise the risk of serious injury to an employee working in the shop.

The engineering industry, due to its very nature, has a high level of exposure to risk for its workers. It is for this reason that engineering companies will often perform an ongoing risk assessment. Engineer health and safety regulations are always updated, so an engineering company must always be ready for an HSE inspection, often without notice. Performing an ongoing risk assessment is the best way to make sure a company is consistently operating within UK law. However, it is no easy task, and a team can overlook engineering hazards. As a result, it is common for a company to contract engineering health and safety consultants on an ongoing basis to make sure they are at minimal risk.

A risk assessment is performed to make sure that a company is operating within all applicable engineer health and safety regulations. To perform a risk assessment, companies will often enlist the services of an engineering health and safety consultancy service to help them identify all engineering hazards within their workshop. Once they have a full understanding of any issue including the policy, they will then perform a risk assessment. Engineering workshop health and safety is regulated and monitored by the Health and Safety Executive which issues the guidelines for risk assessment.

Need Engineering Health and Safety Compliance Urgently? Call Avensure Today!

Is your company in urgent need of help preparing your HSE risk assessment? Engineering health and safety support is our speciality, and we are available any time you need us 24/7. We can help your team identify unnoticed engineering hazards and policy issues so you are ready to perform your HSE risk assessment in time. Our qualified experts understand all regulations for safety in the engineering industry and are your resource whenever you need us. Let us help you make sure that your company is up to date with current engineering health and safety regulations that could affect the outcome of your HSE inspection. We have been there for companies large and small all across the UK to prepare their risk assessment. Engineering workshops are a high-risk environment, and as such, there are a host of regulations that must be followed to the letter in order to comply. Contact us today for engineering health and safety advice you can count on!

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