Avensure People Cloud Employee Absence Management Software

Absence management system software often seems like an unnecessary program, as all you have to do is note when people are not at work, right? When you run a small or medium-sized business you will quickly find out that employee absences are not that simple. There is contractual and statutory sick pay to calculate, and it is vital to distinguish between an absence because of sickness or lateness, or an absence due to other factors such as jury duty. With Avensure People Cloud’s absence management software you have an easy way to keep track of, and quickly reference all of this information.

Sickness Absence Monitoring & Absence Management Tracker

The Avensure People Cloud absence management tracker provides a comprehensive way of monitoring all employee absences, regardless of the reason. The sickness absence monitoring software will automatically calculate any contractual or statutory payments that you need to be aware of. This information is then sent directly to the HR to make sure everything is correct and in line with regulations for the end of the month.

Monitoring sickness, absence, and leave has never been as easy as it is with Avensure People Cloud’s absence recording software. Along with built-in calculators, People Cloud absence management solutions offer a range of absence monitoring solutions that allow you to create custom reports and highlight patterns in your employees’ punctuality and attendance. Being able to quickly analyse your employees’ performance in this way allows you to detect and act on problems faster, which helps create a workplace of accountability and punctuality. All of this makes your office more productive and more efficient, allowing you to focus on building your business and improving your client relations rather than chasing late employees around.

Insightful HR Absence Management Software You Can Rely On Every Time

Insightful HR Absence Management Software You Can Rely On Every Time!

Designed from the ground up to be the best HR absence management software available, Avensure People Cloud absence monitoring software includes a variety of features, including the ability to input and upload documents like back-to-work forms and doctor’s notes directly into the system. By removing the piles of paper forms sitting around your desk you can rest assured that nothing is going to be misplaced or forgotten. Everything displayed in the absence management program is cloud-based and secure, so you can always rely on it for accurate information, reports, and analytics when it comes time for employee evaluations, appraisals, or if necessary, disciplinaries.

Simple But Powerful Absence Management Solution

In order for any absence management tool to be effective, it must be easy to use for everyone in the company. Avensure People Cloud is one of the simplest absence management solutions available. But making it simple to understand does not mean it is lacking in functionality, and with built-in calculators and integration with a variety of systems including holiday calendars, Avensure People Cloud’s absence tracking software is designed to maximise the benefits to your company.

Easy to Use Absence Management System Software with an Intuitive Interface

Easy to Use Absence Management System Software with an Intuitive Interface

We understand that overly complicated absence monitoring software only leads to your staff asking for your help every time they need to request a holiday or input sick leave. This only ends up costing you time and money, negating the benefit of having employee absence software in the first place. By using easy to navigate menus and colour-coded calendars we make things as intuitive as possible so that anyone can use our absence management system software.

Gain Important Insights with Our Analytical Absence Management Tool Algorithm

While it is easy to notice that an employee always calls in sick on a Monday morning, repeatedly missing the first hour of the last Friday of the month can be more difficult to spot. Without leave of absence software, even the most analytical HR officer can miss patterns in employee absence and lateness. With the help of the Avensure People Cloud absence monitoring tool you can be sure that even the most difficult-to-spot patterns are noted.

Absence Recording Software with a Full Suite of Options

The People Cloud absence management tracker is all about doing things your way. From simple things like choosing the colour preferences and visual layout to more consequential decisions such as how many people can input absences into the system, our absence recording software gives you plenty of options to tweak the program to your company’s needs. This flexibility is one of the reasons that Avensure People Cloud offers one of the best absence management software solutions available.

Why choose Avensure People Cloud Staff Absence Management Software?

When it comes to staff absence management software, Avensure People Cloud is rated as one of the best due to its simplicity, power, and customisation options. Along with being a leave of absence tracking software, Avensure People Cloud staff absence management software comes with a host of features like leave calculators, and 3rd party calendar integration to help your HR team work more efficiently on any task. Whether you are monitoring sickness, absence, late days, or performance, Avensure People Cloud employee absence software will automate tasks and save time, freeing up you and your HR team so you can focus on all the other important legal and business matters that compete for your attention when running a small or medium-sized business.

Absence Management System Software FAQs

Absence management software is a program or application that automates the job of inputting absences, calculating statutory and contractual sick pay, and monitoring patterns of absences and lateness within the company. It makes up a crucial part of all of the best HR software packages and allows you and your HR team to track employee lateness and absences so you can act quickly to resolve issues. Contact our team if you have any questions about the Avensure People Cloud leave of absence management software.

At its heart, employee absence software is a specialised calendar program. Absences and lateness can be recorded by the employee or the HR officer, and reasons and documents can be added. Absence software can also integrate with your HR software to make the end of the month easy, and with the built-in monitoring and analytical tools, the absence software will highlight patterns in employee behaviour that you might not otherwise spot.

There are plenty of benefits to using employee absence management software, but ultimately the biggest benefit is that it will save you time and make it easier to keep track of absences and late days. Absence tracking software is one of the best purchases you can make for your company, streamlining your HR department and increasing the capacity of your HR team.

If Monitoring Sickness Absence is Important to Your Company? We Have the Absence Management Solutions for You!

If you want to minimise time wasted from following up on absences and get access to a range of analytical tools to help you spot patterns in absences and lateness then you need to use an absence tracking solution like the one in Avensure People Cloud. As one of the best HR outsourcing firms in the UK, we know what challenges you face and how valuable employee absence management software is. Even if you don’t think you have problems with your employees, absence management solutions will save your HR team a huge amount of time that would otherwise be spent on repetitive administration tasks. This saves you money and means you need fewer HR staff to manage your team. Monitoring sickness, absence, and leave is easy with our leave of absence management software so get in touch with us today to find out more about the different packages and price points we offer on Avensure People Cloud.

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