Care Home Health and Safety & Nursing Home Risk Assessment

Balancing everything you need to keep people safe, provide excellent nursing and social care for your residents, and meeting health and safety requirements can be difficult. By taking advantage of the services from the dedicated and experienced team at Avensure, you can let someone else handle the care home health and safety requirements. We carry out a comprehensive nursing home risk assessment and then provide you with the necessary training materials to help you meet all your HSE obligations. Get in touch with us or read on to learn more about how our care home health and safety service can help you stay safe and legal.

Avensure the Name You Can Trust for Health and Safety in Care Homes

Taking on the services of an external HR and health and safety company might seem like it would open you up to any number of problems, but the opposite is true. Avensure has decades of experience dealing with health and safety in care homes and numerous other industries, and our legal experts know everything there is to know about health and safety for care homes, from creating policy to carrying out risk assessments. Rather than trying to understand the detailed HSE legal requirements yourself, call Avensure for advice.

We offer a complete solution for your HR and Health and Safety needs that helps you identify problems and make the necessary changes to be 100% compliant with HSE regulations. On top of that, our care home health and safety advice is covered by comprehensive insurance. This means that as long as you follow our plan, you are financially protected in the event of an H&S issue or employment tribunal proceedings, even if you lose.

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Expert Guidance for Implementing Health and Safety Policies and Procedures in Care Homes

Maintaining care home health and safety compliance means putting in place specific policies and procedures to cover every risk you might encounter – from slips and trips to clinical waste disposal. Creating and implementing a care home health and safety policy is no easy task. If you are not trained in risk assessment procedures, it can be very easy to miss small details or not include risks that might seem intuitive, such as ensuring proper footwear is worn.

These are all things that must be included in your care home risk assessment which is why getting expert guidance is so important. Avensure’s legal experts have years of practice in carrying out risk assessments and implementing care home policies, and we are more than happy to guide you through the process. You can also turn to our care home health and safety advisors anytime you need help with a health and safety question knowing that you are getting the best guidance possible to get your care home compliant with HSE requirements.

Care Home Risk Assessment Audits Available Across the UK

When you get help from Avensure, we start by sending one of our care home risk assessment specialists to your site to conduct a detailed and comprehensive audit. This care home risk assessment can be carried out regardless of where you are located, as Avensure has a vast network of specialists and consultants spread throughout the UK. If you are located in a remote area, rest assured that we can arrange for a specialist to travel to you. We understand the importance of having a detailed and expert risk assessment for elderly care homes. We won’t delay – our health and safety consultants are ready to go at a moment’s notice to audit your care home so we can give you a complete report on what issues need to be urgently addressed and how you can do this.

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Residential Care Home Health and Safety Compliance Supported with Ongoing Consulting, Training Materials & Supporting Documentation

Avensure’s services don’t stop after our specialists have identified what you need to improve on. Achieving care home health and safety compliance can take time, and Avensure gives you residential care home risk assessment support throughout the entire process. After the initial audit is complete, we put together a detailed action plan and provide you with the training materials you need for you and your team.

This action plan is provided based on the risks at your care home, and we include any documentation you might need to maintain proper health and safety in nursing homes. We provide an ongoing HR and care home health and safety service and make it easy for you to get the answers you need at any time. Alongside a 24 hour helpline, you will always have a dedicated point-of-contact that is allocated to you and who understands the specifics of your nursing home.

Avensure Has Many Years Experience Supporting Health and Safety in Nursing Homes Across the UK

Avensure knows what it takes to stay compliant with care home health and safety regulations. For years we have been supporting health and safety in nursing homes alongside other sectors from retail to construction. Our consultants have conducted risk assessments on the best and worst care homes in the country. Our follow-up support have seen countless large and small businesses achieve complete compliance with HSE regulations.

Our care home health and safety consulting services are a favourite with our clients because we provide a complete solution covering documentation, advice, legal and administrative support. By turning to Avensure, our clients have a highly professional and multi-skilled team on hand at all times, saving them money on directly employed health and safety experts and removing the risk of liabilities or penalties.

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We have been with Avensure for 18 months now and continue to be impressed and fully supported by our dedicated expert, Janet Boot. Having a dedicated contact, allows us to develop our relationship, Janet knows and understands our business and our challenges. Janet is always at the end of the phone and if unavailable, we are fully supported by a colleague. The team have provided us with contracts, handbooks, template letters, all drafted to suit our business needs. Its definitely been a great choice for our business and I’d recommend Avensure to anyone looking for HR services.

Care Home Health and Safety FAQs

There are both common hazards within a nursing home, like slips and falls, and hazards unique to a medical environment, such as medication errors. Some of the most common you need to be aware of are:

·        Slips and trips: Wet floors and loose cables or wiring can be extremely hazardous to older residents

·        Fire: While this can happen anywhere, a care home’s kitchen is the most commonplace for one to start

·        Spread of infections: Both contagious diseases and non-contagious infections are serious risks in a care home

·        Security: It is essential to ensure the premises are safe

·        Medication errors: Residents of a long-term care home often take several medications, increasing the risk of a mistake or complication

With an Avensure care home risk assessment, we highlight everything you need to address in your care home and help you develop a plan to mitigate these risks.

A nursing home risk assessment identifies anything that could cause an injury or have a negative impact on staff, residents, visitors, or contractors. It is effectively an audit of health and safety in residential care homes and is used to create a plan that mitigates or reduces the identified risks. Avensure are experts in carrying out audits and nursing home risk assessments, and we know exactly what to highlight when we inspect your premises.

Care home health and safety is essential for the same reasons that health and safety is critical in any environment: It reduces the likelihood of an accident or injury and the likelihood of severe accident or injury. Also, proper health and safety in nursing homes is a legal requirement, and failing to fulfil your obligations can lead to fines, legal action, and potentially a complete shutdown of the care home.

Health and safety in care homes is the process by which risks and hazards are identified – whether tripping on cables or receiving an injury during clinical waste disposal – and mitigated. Care home health and safety can be seen as a collection of steps taken to mitigate both the likelihood and severity of an accident or injury on the premises, both to staff and residents.

Arrange a Care Home Risk Assessment Audit Today with an Avensure Nursing Home Health and Safety Advisor

For expert care home health and safety help, get in touch with Avensure today to begin the process. We’ll start by sending a care home health and safety advisor to your premises to carry out a complete and comprehensive risk assessment audit that will highlight exactly where your care home is succeeding or falling behind in its approach to health and safety. From there, we will send you training materials to help you understand your obligations. Lastly, we work with you to improve your care home health and safety policy and ensure that you meet all of the requirements.

Getting compliant is as easy as calling us when you take advantage of our expert care home health and safety advice. Send us an enquiry online today with some of the details of your care home, and we will be in touch to answer all your questions and arrange a care home health and safety audit.

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