Employee Database Software & Employee Records Management Software

Whether your company has fifty employees or only five, managing employee files without an online database can result in misplaced documents and overflowing filing cabinets. With employee database software this is no longer a problem. Everything is stored on the cloud and you can simply load up the employee records management software and search employee records by name or department to quickly find their hours, absence records, and more. To start using the best HR database software on the market, get in touch with Avensure and learn more about the Avensure People Cloud software suite.

Avensure People Cloud Incorporates an Intuitive Staff Database Management System

One of the biggest reasons to use an employee database management system is to make it easy to find the information you need about an employee. To make sure it is more convenient than using paper files, the Avensure People Cloud staff database management system is exceptionally accessible and with just a few clicks, you can find any employee’s records and be able to see their contract, benefits, holiday, absence records and any training records or pending appraisals. With our employee database software, you can list employees by name, department, or custom groupings, or you can search manually across the entire employee database.

Once you have found the employee record that you are looking for, you also have access to a wide range of reports within the employee record management software. This helps you compare employees, identify patterns, and make data-led decisions about how to move forward. All of this can be accessed from within the Avensure People Cloud’s employee records management software, so there’s no need for additional programs, re-entering data, or searching through piles of paper.

Update HR Details Across Your Company with Our Employee Record Keeping Software

Update HR Details Across Your Company with Our Employee Record Keeping Software

The main purpose of employee records management software is to help your HR team stay on top of their bookkeeping. With Avensure People Cloud’s employee record software, all of your employee documents are stored and organised for you so you never have to search through the filing cabinet to find what you are looking for – everything is right there on their employee record, from their most recent contract to their original offer of employment. Your employees can even access the employee database management system to check and update their own records, so all your HR staff need to do is approve the changes.

Staff Database Management System which Allows You to Keep Sensitive Information Securely in One Place

In the age of cyber-attacks, ransomware, and data theft, it is more important than ever to keep sensitive records secure. The Avensure People Cloud staff database management system is a secure, cloud-based solution to employee record keeping. Along with giving you access to the employee management database from any computer with an internet connection, it gives you extra security as all employee records will be kept secure and encrypted on our servers at Avensure.

Create Insightful Analytical Reports with the Click of a Button with Our Employee Record Management Software

Create Insightful Analytical Reports with the Click of a Button with Our Employee Record Management Software

When it comes time for employee performance reviews or appraisals, how do you get the data you need? Employee record software integrates into holiday trackers and absence files, so you have all the information at your fingertips. Rather than having the HR team count absent days or trying to remember a specific occasion, simply run a report from within our employee record management software and you can get a summary of all of an employee’s information.

Gain More Visibility into Employee Profiles with Avensure People Cloud Employee Database Software

When all employee records are stored in filing cabinets and difficult to access, you can be sure that they are only updated when absolutely needed. But with employee database software it is so easy to look at employee records that there’s no reason your HR team can’t check in on employee files regularly and ensure that everything is up to date. Employee record keeping software is perhaps one of the biggest time-savers when doing administrative work in the office.

Employee Record Management Software that Helps Tack Important Tasks

Avensure People Cloud helps you get the most out of your employee record management software by making it easy to keep track of what you need to do. Our employee information software has a built-in task tracker that is customisable to your workflow so you always know if there are contracts that need renewing, appraisals completing, or even if you need to order an employee a new work shirt or name badge. All of this can be tracked within the Avensure People Cloud staff database management system.

Why Choose Employee Database Software in the Avensure People Cloud Eco-System?

In order to maximise the benefits to your company, you want the best employee database software available, and that means one that is more than a simple HR employee database. The Avensure People Cloud was designed by some of the top outsourced HR experts in the UK to provide everything you need to manage all aspects of HR within your small or medium-sized business, from day-to-day tasks to advertising open positions, onboarding, and offboarding. The Avensure People Cloud eco-system provides employee data management, powerful analytics, an absence and holiday tracker, and much more. Underpinning all of these services is the core of the Avensure People Cloud – a powerful HR employee database software.

Employee Database Software & HR Management Database FAQs

HR database software is a specialised database of your employee details. Alongside information like names and addresses, it can store contracts and much more. Employee data management software is designed to completely replace the stacks of paper and overflowing filing cabinets, streamlining and storing everything into a single database that is easy to access and edit.

HR database systems like the one provided by Avensure People Cloud store employee data on secure, encrypted cloud servers. With cloud-based employee database software, your employee data is always backed up and safe, but at the same time it remains accessible to you, or any other registered users, from any computer that has an internet connection, no matter the time or place.

The biggest benefit of employee records management software is that it saves your HR department a huge amount of time. Employee record software is easy to search, monitor, and update. This means no searching through stacks of paper, no re-printing pages to change names or numbers, and no misplaced information. An HR employee database saves time at every step.

An HR Employee Database & Employee Record Keeping Software That Ticks All the Boxes!

It should be obvious that an HR employee database is something you need in your company. But rather than settling for the cheapest option, it’s worth making sure you get an employee record keeping software that ticks all the boxes. Avensure People Cloud does this by being:
  • Editable by your employees, which empowers them to keep an eye on their own files,
  • Customisable for different needs, with permission to edit the whole HR management database given only to select managers or HR officers,
  • Easy to use, so even the most technophobic team members will have no problem getting to grips with the employee database management software,
  • Powerful, with a variety of reports and analytics available to you.
When it comes to HR database systems, Avensure People Cloud offers everything you need, so get in touch today to arrange a demonstration and start using it to streamline your HR processes.
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