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Health & Safety Consulting Services UK

Are you looking for health and safety consulting services? Avensure is a Manchester based health and safety consultancy company that offers advice to businesses on all aspects of health and safety. From risk assessments to training, we offer a wide range of services for companies throughout the United Kingdom. We also offer expert guidance with regards to the latest legislation changes which can be very complex at times. Let our health and safety experts take care of ALL your health and safety needs and requirements so you can focus on running your business!

What is Avensure Health and Safety Consulting and How Does It Work?

Avensure health and safety consulting is an independent HSE consultancy that specializes in health and safety management. We provide a range of consultancy services to help businesses implement the best practices for managing health and safety within their organization. These include consulting, health and safety training, auditing, risk assessment, advice on upholding the highest standards of health and safety, support on legislation compliance as well as specialist reports to guide your business through any changes required. We provide a unique health and safety consultancy service to our clients which covers planning and management arrangements, with outcomes that are tangible and valuable as part of an overall organisation risk management strategy.

Our health and safety consultancy services are unique in the marketplace and provide UK SME’s with a complete level of protection and ongoing compliance for your business, coupled with ongoing training for your business owners, directors, managers and staff. Our health and safety specialists will get to know your business and give you the protection, compliance and training that is essential under HSE regulations.

Note: Our new service Covid Secure Plus is included with our health and safety management service as standard (more info) Contact our team of health and safety advisors for further clarification if required.

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What Makes Our Health And Safety Company Different?

Are you looking for a health and safety company who offers a full turnkey solution? If so, then our team of health and safety experts is the right choice. We are an independent health and safety consultancy which takes away all the hard work involved in making sure your company’s health and safety obligations are met and you are fully compliant with the latest H&S legislation. We provide bespoke Health & Safety documentation to help ensure that you are fully compliant in the eyes of the law. Our health and safety experts will also conduct a full site survey and provide a colour coded action plan with specific steps from there. Finally, our health and safety services will formulate your new Health and Safety company handbook outlining your organisational vision as well as steps taken to reach objectives. Get intouch with an Avensure health and safety consultant today for more info!

Need More Info About Our Health And Safety Consultancy Service?

If you’re interested to find out what makes Avensure a highly regarded health and safety consultancy UK businesses trust and what separates us from other health and safety companies or perhaps you are just interested in receiving a quotation. Either way, please fill in the below form with your contact details  and one of our experienced health and safety consultants will call you straight back.

    Why Choose To Work With Avensure Health and Safety Consultants?

    Avensure is a workplace health and safety consulting firm that offers everything you need to stay compliant with government regulations. We offer fixed monthly fees for our health and safety consultancy services, which are more affordable than many other firms in the industry. Most importantly, you will deal directly with a dedicated health and safety expert with wealth of experience in UK workplace health and safety regulation and legislation. Our health and safety management service leaves no stone unturned so you are always covered for whatever eventuality relating to H&S your company might encounter and all for a manageable month fixed cost!

    The Benefits Of Avensure’s Health And Safety Consulting Services

    Avensure’s UK health and safety consultants will work with clients to aid implementation of the Health & Safety Management System formulated and to address any concerns or new issues as they arise.

    Our independent health and safety consultants provide any further clarification or amendments to Policies and the Staff Health & Safety Handbook that are required.

    Moving  forward clients will have continuous access to professional articles, legislation updates, topical comment and information through the HR24 portal, and the Safety Signpost Newsletter. While the expert team of Avensure’s workplace health and safety consultants will only be a phone call away.

    Health And Safety Consultant FAQs

    How will Avensure provide me with bespoke health and safety consultancy services?2021-06-14T10:18:55+01:00

    Our health and safety consultants will research your current Health and Safety arrangements and observe your business, facilities and work tasks, also meeting key individuals and gaining their feedback so that they have a full understanding of your business. Avensure’s Health and Safety Consultants gain an appreciation for the organisational HS position and can then identify gaps and make recommendations for improvements, compliance and best practice moving forward to protect your business, it’s employees and stakeholders.

    How will I know where to start on making health and safety improvements?2021-06-14T10:17:31+01:00

    Following our health and safety consultants visit to your premises, a report of their findings and proposals will be formulated with an action plan for you to consider and work through. You will be able to gain clarification, advice, support or simple reassurance from the team of Avensure health and safety advisors at your disposal via email or telephone, who will work with you as you look to make continuous improvements.

    Will Avensure support me with health and safety risk assessments?2021-06-14T10:17:09+01:00

    By working with you to identify hazards and risks that are present in your workplace and work activities, Avensure’s health and safety consultants will aid you through advice and guidance on the process of risk assessments, format, considerations and options for commercially aware compliance that achieves Health and Safety obligations in the spirit expected through the control measures you then decide upon.

    Do I have access to online health and safety training courses?2021-06-14T10:15:48+01:00

    Some clients have specific health and safety training courses included in their initial service agreement. Others will purchase these during the relationship, as these needs are identified through the support Avensure will provide, or as changes occur in the client’s business. Please feel free to ask our health and safety experts about online H&S training courses options to aid in supporting the ongoing competence of your staff and your duties to that end.

    How will I keep up to date with Health and Safety requirements?2021-06-14T10:13:52+01:00

    In today’s competitive marketplace, it is important for organizations to maintain a health and safety management system informing clients of changes in H&S legislation and while prompting timely organisational risk assessment when necessary. The Avensure Safety Signpost Newsletter and HR24 Online Magazine which our experienced team of experienced workplace health and safety consultants regularly contribute to provides regular publications, articles and news, are available to Avensure clients to keep them engaged, up to date and proactively one step ahead of business risks.

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