How do employment tribunals work

Employment tribunals are independent judicial bodies that resolve disputes between employers and employees when employment rights have been violated. The most common employment tribunal claims are for the following:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Discrimination
  • Unlawful Deductions from Wages
  • Redundancy Payments

If your business has an employment tribunal claim against you by an employee for any of the above reasons or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact our team for FREE employment tribunal legal advice. Avensure are experts at providing the best possible tribunal representation for employers in the UK, and we always try our best to guarantee a satisfactory outcome.

How do employment tribunal decisions work?

Unanimous employment tribunal decisions are typically announced at the end of a hearing, and a majority vote can also decide them. Once the employment tribunal hearing has finished, either an announcement will be made or remain under reservation until written in its final form and eventually published on the government Employment Tribunal Decision website.

If the employer disagrees with the verdict or decision made at the employment tribunal hearing, you can always appeal with the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT). This appeal needs lodging with 42 days of the employment tribunal hearing.

If you have any further questions relating to the inner workings of employment tribunal hearings and how decisions are made. Or perhaps you have questions regarding your own upcoming employment tribunal hearing? Our team of highly qualified and knowledgeable employment tribunal lawyers would be happy to provide some free employment tribunal advice; call us today on 0800 151 2935.

What are the potential employment tribunal costs for an employer?

In addition to any award won by claimants during the employment tribunal, employers who breach employee rights and have ‘one or more aggravating features’ may be subject to further financial penalties enforced from employment tribunals. If you are charged with a penalty, the minimum cost will be £100, and the maximum is £20,000. The sum of this fee depends on how much compensation your employees are awarded (so if the employee won less money in damages, then the fine will be lower). You also get 50% off if you pay within 21 days after receiving notice from the tribunal decision. As you can see, the employment tribunal costs for employers can be substantial if the decision goes against you, which is why your business needs to receive the best possible employment tribunal representation.

If you currently have an upcoming tribunal with an employee causing sleepless nights, employers’ Avensure employment tribunal service is here to help! Call our employment tribunal advice line on 0800 151 2935 and find out how the Avensure employment tribunal service can give you peace of mind during this turbulent time.

How does Avensure help me prepare for my employment tribunal?

Here at Avensure, we fully appreciate standing up in front of an employment tribunal can be a traumatic experience. That’s why our employment tribunal service is structured to make the whole process as simple as possible. Alongside receiving expert advice from our team of tribunal solicitors, Avensure comprehensive employment tribunal services include the following items:

  • Drafting and filing your response to your employee(s) claim
  • Guiding you through the preliminary hearing process
  • Disclosure of relevant documents relating to the tribunal case
  • Prepare a schedule of loss document

If you have any questions about our employment tribunal service and would like to speak to an expert. Please call our employment tribunal helpline on 0800 151 2935.

Why work with the Avensure employment tribunal service for employers?

It’s recently been reported by the British Chamber of Commerce that employers in the UK on average pay £8,500 defending against employment tribunals, and that doesn’t include the tens of thousands of pounds that can be lost via paying settlements and fines if the verdict goes against you. Please also remember employment tribunal costs for an employer doesn’t stop there. The overall cost to your business can be much greater than what you incur during the employment tribunal process, including loss of productivity handling the tribunal case and paying ridiculous solicitor fees. However, Avensure guarantees that our employment tribunal service will save time and money at every stage through to the dispute resolution. Do you have any questions about how much you can save working with Avensure and want free advice about implementing better employment practices?  Arrange a call back from one of our employment law representatives or call our free employment tribunal advice line 0800 151 2935.

Receive Full Tribunal Representation with Avensure

Once you have received your FREE advice via Avensure’s employment tribunal advice line, Avensure’s highly experienced employment tribunal lawyers will represent you every step of the way through the whole tribunal and employee dispute resolution process. Our award-winning tribunal representation for businesses will provide you with the expertise, knowledge and peace of mind needed to make your employment tribunal court hearing as straightforward as possible.

Our full-employment tribunal representation service includes the following:

  • 24-hour employment tribunal advice – Our team of tribunal solicitors will provide you with 360-degree legal advice relating to your tribunal case 24/7. So you are always ahead of the game and meeting all employment law requirements.
  • Tribunal defence development – Avensure’s team of highly knowledgeable employment tribunal lawyers will expertly conduct extensive in-depth research and preparation, making sure we have the best possible chance of winning your case.
  • Tribunal settlement agreement –  Should the situation arise during the employment tribunal that you decide to settle. An Avensure employment tribunal lawyer will put together an all-encompassing settlement agreement ending the dispute while safeguarding via a legally binding statement against any further claims for your employee(s).
  • In-Person employment tribunal representation – One of our highly experienced tribunal solicitors will be alongside you during your day in court. To reassure you and while imparting any important advice should the need arise.

Employment Tribunal Service & Employment Tribunal Representation FAQ’s

Employment tribunal solicitors costs in the UK do vary. A UK solicitor can charge anywhere between  £200.00 to £300.00 per hour for working on an employment tribunal case. Depending on the complexities of the tribunal case, legal costs can quickly spiral out of control. This is why it’s much better to work with a specialist employment tribunal service for employers offered by companies like Avensure. Being a specialist in the field of employment tribunal representation, Avensure can keep legal and representation costs to a minimum alongside providing a far greater success rate of winning the tribunal hearing keeping employer tribunal costs as low as possible.

It is not always easy to assign a specific maximum monetary figure for the dismissal of an employee. This is because there are various types of employment tribunal claims that employees may bring. The UK employment tribunal panel has different bases upon which compensation and costs are awarded to employees. So we can better understand your particular employment tribunal case and its unique circumstances, please contact the team at Avensure on our employment tribunal helpline on 0800 151 2935. Our team of specialist employment tribunal lawyers will be more than happy to give you highly beneficial free advice while introducing you to our employment tribunal service and the comprehensive tribunal representation for employers we offer.

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