What Workplace Issues are Suitable for Employment Mediation?

In short, all of them. Any difficulties or grievances between two staff members can cause lost productivity and escalate into formal complaints, so any issue is suitable for employment mediation. While the exact triggers of disputes can vary widely, most problems that need workplace mediation are caused by:

  • Personality clashes
  • Cultural misunderstandings
  • Communication breakdowns
  • Bullying or harassment within the workplace

Avensure has mediated disputes between business partners, with customers, between management and employees and between those involved in mergers or acquisitions. Mediation in workplace conflict is simple in theory – most issues are solved with open, honest dialogue. However, this can be difficult to achieve when two people disagree. As tempers rise, it is common for people to be more accusatory and defensive, making mediating conflict in the workplace more difficult. With Avensure’s workplace mediation services, we can help you mediate individual disputes and put in place the proper work mediation process or steps to help create a working environment that encourages open dialogue between staff members. This, in turn, encourages regular, informal mediation between employees and makes it less likely for disputes or issues to spiral into a formal complaint or tribunal.

What Are The Benefits of an Employment Mediation Service?

Lodging formal complaints or taking a dispute to an employment tribunal is not cost-effective to resolve conflicts and rarely solves the underlying issues. By identifying and mediating conflict in the workplace using open, honest dialogue and ‘safe space’ techniques, it is possible to address the root causes listed above. This has multiple positive effects:

  • Employees feel more confident that their issues are being heard and are more likely to voice their grievances early before they are formalised.
  • It gives the employer a chance to make appropriate changes to the work environment to reduce the likelihood of someone having an issue that goes to an employment tribunal.

On top of this, an environment where mediation for workplace conflict is a core value will help improve productivity – dealing with issues quickly and efficiently through an employee mediation process means your employees are not spending time simmering over their disagreements. Happier staff are more productive, so mediation also benefits your day-to-day business.

How does Workplace Dispute Mediation Work?

Impartial, third-party ‘mediators carry out mediation in employment disputes.’ Generally, that will be a team member from Avensure that is an expert in employment law. Mediation aims to get both parties to have an open, honest dialogue, and a mediator is not there to advise on the legal process but to ensure that both parties can speak and listen in turn. When using our employment mediation service, the mediator will help guide the discussion so that the root of the problem is brought to light and understood by both parties.

Once the core issue is addressed, our mediator will help both parties secure a mutually beneficial outcome. Each dispute is different, and so while a mediator might follow a framework or mindset, the same flow of the conversation and topics discussed can vary.

When it comes to mediation in employment disputes, any suggestions or agreements must come from the parties themselves and not from the mediator. During mediating conflict between employees, a mediator is there to help the parties find a solution, not to judge who is correct or what the desired outcome should be – external solutions are only imposed by an employment tribunal, not by workplace mediation.

What Makes Avensure’s Employee Mediation Services Different?

Along with professional mediation services, we offer full outsourced HR services. Combining all these different services lets us focus on helping you create long-term solutions that bring about a better working environment that is always in compliance with employment law. Mediation is just another tool that we use to achieve this, along with:

Creating a formal grievance procedure for your workplace

Encouraging informal mediation between employees

Training management and HR staff on employment mediation techniques

Introducing resolution policies to your workplace

Workplace dispute mediation can help to shift the culture in your workplace. Instead of letting grievances build, which can lead to entrenched positions, Avensure’s approach will empower your employees to discuss and air out their issues openly. Mediating employee conflict allows management to act quickly using their employee mediation process to resolve the problems while remaining small, reducing your risk of going to an employment tribunal and keeping your team happy and productive. If you are interested in finding out more, contact an Avensure employment mediation specialist today!

Contact Avensure Today to Find Out More About Our Business Mediation Services

If you think that your workplace could benefit from professional mediation services – whether that is because of an increasing number of ‘falling outs’ between staff, or because you were recently called to an employment tribunal, or even just to try and improve your workplace – then get in touch with Avensure. Along with our workplace mediation services, we provide a complete package of monthly fixed-fee HR support. With a team of experts in all areas of human resources and employment law, our HR and employee mediation services give you all the personnel, expertise and product technology that you need for your business with a dedicated one-on-one solution, without the high cost of hiring a dedicated HR team. We offer national coverage for consultants to arrange face-to-face meetings as well as a dedicated 24/7 helpline so you can get advice quickly when you need it. Call us or get in touch today to learn how our employment mediation services can help your business.

Workplace Mediation Service FAQs

Employee mediation services such as Avensure are processes whereby a third party attempts to resolve workplace disputes and disagreements. The aim is to have both parties engage in an open and honest conversation that addresses the heart of the conflict and find a mutually satisfactory solution. Commonly, professional mediation services are used to resolve disagreements that could otherwise lead to a claim in an employment tribunal.

While each case is different, workplace mediation services typically follow a five-stage outline:

  • Convening the mediation: The mediator will invite both parties to a session, emphasising their impartiality
  • Opening the mediation session: With both parties present, the mediator will describe the process to set expectations correctly.
  • Communication: During this stage, each party has an opportunity to explain their point of view. The mediator will ask open-ended questions and provide active feedback to encourage discussion.
  • Negotiation: This is one of the most challenging stages, where a mediator must balance both parties expectations and encourage compromise
  • Closure: The session will be closed when a deal is acceptable to both parties or agreed that no resolution would be reached. Contracts or memorandums may be made to affirm the decisions.

If no agreement has been reached, the parties may decide to move forward with other options.

When you engage in an employment mediation service such as the one offered by Avensure, you get personalised, one-on-one advice from our team on how to approach the dispute. During the workplace mediation, you can expect both parties to be treated with the utmost respect, with each being given their time to speak and be listened to. Our employment mediation service will encourage and guide discussion on the most critical points, to help both sides understand each other so that a suitable resolution can be reached via a solid workplace and employment mediation result.

While mediation between employees and management has a high success rate, there are occasions where no agreement can be reached. In this case, the mediator will thank both parties for their time and close the session. Depending on the issue, employees may choose to move forward with tribunal proceedings o,r employers may act according to their procedures. If this is the outcome, the advisors at Avensure can advise on how to prepare for the next steps however, mediation in employment disputes should always be the preferable course of action.

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