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How Does Avensure’s Outsourced HR Services Work?

Do you feel like your business is in over its head when it comes to HR? Do you need full-time HR personnel, but can’t afford the costs involved? Interested in outsourcing human resources? If so, our monthly fixed fee outsourced HR services may be just what your business needs. At Avensure, we are committed to providing you with the best outsource HR services and outsourced HR support. We have a team of experts in all areas of human resources who will work hard for you. Our monthly fixed fee HR outsourcing service gives you all the personnel, expertise and product technology that you need for your business with a dedicated one-on-one solution. Our human resources consulting services are unique because they include a dedicated HR advisor, legal HR advisor and HR documentation advisor.

More importantly our outsourced HR Protect service is insurance backed, providing you with the peace of mind of knowing that as long as you follow our HR advice we will pay all human resource related compensatory awards should the worst ever happen!

What Makes Our Outsource HR Company Different?

It is important to find an outsource HR company that can provide the right solution for your business. We are here to help! Our outsourced HR company provides a variety of HR outsourcing services and has experience with many different industries, making us a perfect fit for any business. We have experience in things like payroll, benefits administration, employment law compliance, employee training programs, health and safety and more. See below the further benefits Avensure brings to the tabel what we do and why we should be considered one of the top HR consulting firms to partner with for ALL your HR outsourcing needs and requirements.

Our Outsourcing HR Services offer UK Wide Coverage

As a leading human resource consulting firm that offers outsourced HR services to businesses throughout the United Kingdom. We have a large team of HR specialists throughout the UK who are more than happy to come directly to your business premises. If you are interested in setting up a face to face meeting we can arrange anytime between Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

Experiencing Human Resource Issues an Avensure HR Services Consultant Can Help with?

If your company is currently experiencing human resource issues such as staff management processes issues, recruitment problems, training issues or employee termination problems? If so, now would be an ideal time to meet face to face with an Avensure HR services consultant. This will allow us the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise by fixing your issue while introducing HR outsourcing service at the same time. Click on the link below for a free consultation with no obligation of course.

Want More Info About Avensure’s HR Outsource Service? 

Here at Avensure, we are highly passionate about HR support and firmly believe our human resources consulting services are the best you will find in the UK. If you need any reassurance about our experience credentials please request a no obligation call back by filling in the below form.

One of our highly experienced HR service consultants will come straight back to you and will fully explain how outsourcing HR services to us will have a positive impact on your businesses.

    Interested In Our Outsourced HR Services or Human Resources Consulting Service? Download Our Guide

    It’s never been easier to outsource your human resources department. We’re experts in HR outsourcing. Our human resource consulting service has helped tons of businesses take care of their staffing needs without the need for a full-time human resource staff.

    If you’re interested in outsourcing your human resources needs, then this guide is for you. We’ll cover everything from the basics of what HR outsourcing is to how it can help you increase productivity and competitiveness. Download our free guide now and find out if outsourcing your human resources department is right for your company and why Avensure is different to other human resource consulting firms.

    Why Use The Avensure HR Outsourcing Service?

    Hiring quality personnel to work in your company can be both time consuming and costly. It takes a lot of effort to find the right person for the job, as well as a background check that could take weeks. The cost of hiring an employee is not cheap either, especially when you have to pay overtime or benefits. With Avensure’s HR outsourcing service, these problems are solved!

    Many businesses are looking for affordable HR outsourcing services, but few can find the right fit as most other outsourcing HR companies have gaps in their service. Fortunately, Avensure has you covered with everything included in a fixed monthly fee that is affordable to just about any business.

    More About Outsourcing Human Resources and Avensures HR Consultancy Service

    Industry expertise and a decade of hands-on experience is what makes our human resource outsourcing company stand out from the competition. Avensure provides outsourced human resources service to businesses in the UK.

    The goal of our company is to eliminate the hassles and burdens associated with finding, hiring, training and managing employees by taking on these responsibilities for our clients. In order for our outsourcing HR services to be successful we make sure we have an excellent understanding of all aspects of human resources management and business processes.

    We continually keep ourselves updated with the latest process and procedures so we deliver the best possible HR outsourcing solution to our clients. We also invest heavily in staff training and development and have recently been awarded the Investors in People Gold Award due to our ongoing endeavors in staff development.

    HR Outsourcing Services FAQs

    How much does HR Outsourcing cost with Avensure?2021-10-26T08:33:02+01:00

    Unlike other HR outsourcing companies in the UK we are covered by insurance. Which also means we need to abide by stringent regulations provided by the FCA. Because of this we do need to meet with you in person before providing a quote for our HR outsourcing service. 

    The cost of outsourcing human resources to Avensure is based on several factors which include the type of company, the size of the company, number of employees and the payroll size. There might also be special requirements unique to specialised businesses, these items will be priced into the final quotation.

    What documentation do you provide with your outsourced HR services?2021-06-17T09:55:11+01:00

    As part of our HR outsourcing service we will provide you with all the specialised human resource documentation including a HR company handbook, prepare all staff contracts and will take care of all correspondence letters with employees on your behalf. Please get in contact with a staff member today to find out more about our documentation processes when you’re outsourcing human resources with Avensure.

    How long does it take to get a HR outsourcing contract issued?2021-06-17T09:53:40+01:00

    The average time frame for the completion of an HR outsourcing contract is around 30 days. However if we can spend time with you face to face and you’re also proactive in sending back drafts and amendments to us straight away, we can reduce the above time down to as little as 48 hours.

    Will I have a dedicated outsourced HR support advisor?2021-06-17T09:53:04+01:00

    Yes, our outsourcing HR services will provide you with a dedicated HR services consultant who will be your first point of contact. Alongside you will also receive a dedicated HR documentation specialist and a highly qualified HR legal advisor. The above team will enable you to receive a seamless outsourced human resource solution which can quickly and nimbly deal with any employment situation you might encounter.

    How does employment tribunal insurance work when outsourcing HR services?2021-06-17T09:52:15+01:00

    If your organisation loses an employment tribunal the compensatory award will be paid by the insurance policy just as long as you have followed all of the advice provided by our HR outsourcing service. The costs associated with the legal proceedings and legal representation will be paid for by Avensure which is all part of the unique guarantee which makes up the exceptional outsourced HR services we offer.

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