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Automatic Unfair Dismissal: The Ultimate Guide for Employer’s

What is an automatic unfair dismissal? Most employers are familiar with the term ‘unfair dismissal’, its naturally something they try to avoid at all costs. …

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Automatic Unfair Dismissal

What is classed as an automatic unfair dismissal?

What is an automatic unfair dismissal? When considering a claim for unfair dismissal, the Employment Tribunal will follow a certain legal protocol decide whether there …

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Can I dismiss someone if they aren’t able to do their job due to health reasons?

Yes, you are able to consider dismissing members of staff should their ill health mean they are no longer capable of doing the job they …

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Pimlico Plumber employee wins worker’s rights case in Supreme Court

Despite having signed documentation to confirm he was self-employed and paying his own tax and national insurance as though self-employed, Gary Smith is entitled to …

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Misconduct for an Office Mug

Employers have been handed a useful message in relation to bullying and harassment claims and unfair dismissals in a recent case involving quite unique facts, …

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Can you drug test your employees?

Where an employer’s operations rely on safety sensitive procedures – in the transport or energy industries, for example – it is common for them to …

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When inaction leads to Gross Misconduct

‘Gross misconduct’ is usually used to describe an act by an employee that is so serious it affects the employment relationship to the extent that …

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Bringing the Employer into Disrepute

Employees can at times be charged with being a representative of their employer even when they are not at work. Employers are mostly concerned with …

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Managing Behaviour Outside of Work

The public disruption between England and Russia fans in the early stages of the Euro 2016 championship – where fans’ faces were sprawled all over …

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